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On 10/09/2013 19:16, moriikae wrote:
>   Jews of Iran Dear Moriikae,
*May I understand please why you always write about Jews and Israelis??
I believe that in Iran there are many good people, like everywhere else,
but the regime and its attitude towards Israel is another story. By the
way, a lot of the heads of the Jewish community were murdered in
Iran.The regime itself is another story.. May I understand why you don't
write about the status of women in Iran??? If you like so much the
regime why don't you visit there?? May I understand why you always deal
with us, and never say a word about Assad, for example. I do believe
that claims for peace should be sent especially to him who butchers his
own people.

So please, Moriikae. I know you personally and I know that you are a
good willing woman, but please stop copying other people's articles, who
have never lived in Iran... I have nothing against Iranians, As I say,
there are a lot of good people there in a nationof millions. But a
regime of Religious extremists, wherever they are, are not good for people.

> Jews of Iran
> <http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20130909-00000003-natiogeog-int.view-000>
> (November 2006) synagogue in Tehran, Jews pray at Yusef Abad
> Synagogue. (Photograph by Raheb Homavandi Reuters)
>  The day before the New Year festival of Rosh Hashanah Jewish,
> apparently from the account and the support group or Hassan Rouhani
> new president, Iranian, surprising tweet was posted. Jew's New Year
> greetings addressed to the Muslims among them domestic.  People saw
> this Tweet bewildered. This is because the meeting together of
> religion turn away from each other but surprisingly, it was referring
> to Jews of Iran that has not been little attention in the West. "This
> is a sunset Tehran soon. Jews, Jews of Iran so that you have many more
> happy Rosh Hashanah in particular all". September 4 Hassan Rouhani (@
> HassanRouhani) 2013年  it is not taken up rarely in the news, but the
> community of Jews centuries vibrant from the front there is Iran. This
> opportunity, I will introduce the five trivia about them. With the
> exception of Israel [1], the number of the largest in the Middle East
> Jews of Iran. It is said that 20000-25000 people in general.  You
> might think a surprising number, but the Jews more than 10 million
> people lived in the past. However, after the Islamic revolution of
> 1979, the majority is forced to leave the country. The purpose is to
> include the Jews, people who are not a Muslim, felt threatened by the
> new administration to life. Jews of Iran [2] is concentrated in the
> large cities Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz.  It is said that in Hamadan
> in the northwest, Mordecai Festival of Judaism, and important Estelle
> of ancient is the origin of Purim and is buried. According
> Jallais-Pirunaza the University of California at Berkeley to study the
> image and identity of Jews living in Iran Modern (Jaleh Pirnazar)
> said, save the state of the mausoleum to be two people with sleep is
> good, but recently, what It is said that in response to the attack or
> time.  One ester of the Babylonian Captivity, is reportedly saved the
> Jews from genocide to the help of Mordecai is the uncle, entourage
> Persian king attempted. However, in the end of the biography, the fact
> that 75,000 thing Persians were slaughtered is described in detail.
> Attack of church and whether it is the retaliation, Mr. Pirunaza said.
> Majlis of Iran [3] The (parliament), the seat of the representatives
> of the Jews is have one. Maurice Motamedo that was sitting on the
> seats in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's administration at the time (Maurice
> Motamed) said, was fulminate the President denied the fact of the
> Holocaust.  However, the case of a Jewish example, members of the
> Majlis be asked to tuning to the anti-Zionism, which advocates the
> government. Currently, to protest the actions of Israel in the Gaza
> Strip, Shiamaku-Morusadefu with seats (Siamak Morsadegh) said, spoke
> in front of the press and I'm not going to celebrate the Independence
> Day of Israel Jews of Iran. Rather than Judaism, religion has been
> persecuted the most [4] Iran's people of the minority Baha'i.
> According to Mr. Pirunaza, Christians and Jews in the "people who
> protected", Baha'is that have not received a guarantee from the ruling
> Iranian religious world.  Prohibited the practice of religion,
> Baha'is do not have seats in the Majlis as well. It is also excluded
> from secondary education. Some Muslims make a college education in
> secret, I is showing the attitude of resistance. Like the Jews of
> America, Jews [5] Iran to celebrate Rosh Hashanah to eat honey and
> apple. However, to speak also pomegranate, which marks the season
> just.  In addition, the Passover festival derived from the Exodus to
> the (Passover), there is a ritual that only the Jews of Iran do. In
> the sense that reproduces how the slaves of the Hebrew people were
> whipped in Egypt, from ancient times, Jews of Iran system (domestic
> and foreign) to imitate that hit in the leek family during a meal of
> Passover. Sharon Jacobs for National Geographic News

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