[gha] Israel repeats break peace by new settlements

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  • Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 19:11:22 +0900

Israel release 26 and 26 Palestine prizoners instead of the 1500 and 2000 new 
settlements, which would question on Israel. and put the risk to break peace.

Peace is the way for better future.

Kae Morii

The 30th, [October 31 AFP] Israel government East Jerusalem (a few hours after 
you release 26 Palestinian inmates East Jerusalem about what has announced it 
will approve the construction of 1,500 units of new settlement housing in), the 
Palestinian same day, the government has criticized Israel as being trying to 
rupture the Middle East peace talks.

 (Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abbas spokesman) chairman, 
Nabil Abu Rudeina ( Nabil Abu Rudeina decision of the Israeli government, as 
well as ruin the "peace process,) Mr. Israel international law in the 
international community said, "but action to send a message that a country that 
does not respect.

 West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (plans to build a new 
settlement housing in the same area is a Palestinian residence, the 21 inmates 
is the Israeli government West Bank in), (Gaza five Gaza Strip release because 
it attributed to) It was reported by the Israeli media immediately after.

 For coverage of AFP, Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli government officials then 
Benjamin Netanyahu Gidon Searle and) Prime Minister ( Gideon Saar ) interior 
minister, made ​​it clear that it "had already agreed to the construction plan 
of four in Jerusalem" .

 A series of movements of this time, appears to have reproduced the events of 
August 13 this year. Also in this case, to release 26 Palestinian inmates 
first, the Israeli government had announced plans to build settlement housing 
units in 2000 than in the center east Jerusalem.

 Islamic fundamentalist organization Hamas to effective control the Gaza Strip 
of the Palestinian territories ( Hamas is), Palestinian Authority of President 
Mahmoud Abbas to receive the support of the Western ( Palestinian Authority 
posture) is as accelerated the settlement activities of Israel, to 
self-government I'm seeking the suspension of peace talks. Similarly, the 
United States is a major ally of Israel showed the idea of opposition to 
settlement ever. United Nations ( UN (Pan Ki-moon, Ban Ki-moon of) Ban Ki-moon 
while welcomed the release of prisoners,) Secretary-General, showed the idea to 
oppose the construction of settlement housing. (C) AFP / Steve Weizman

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