[gha] Re: Invitation: UN|DESA World Summit on Sustainable Development 25 - 28 JUNE, 2013 @ London, United Kingdom.

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  • Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 14:46:42 +0500

Good day !
it looks thats the time is comming when we are meeting again?
best regards

On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 11:43 AM, United Nations <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs World Summit on
> the Impact and Implications of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on
> Sustainable Development & Climate Change Proposals for an Integrated Global
> Response to the Crisis.(25 - 28 JUNE, 2013 @ The International Convention &
> Exhibition Centre, London-United Kingdom).
> Dear Invitee, Nonprofit/NGO Colleague,
> On behalf of the organizing and scientific working committee, the United
> Nations invites you to a Four-day summit of
> Economists,Educationists,Administrators,Manufacturers,Researchers,Non-Governmental
> Organizations,Religious Leaders, Community Organizations, individuals from
> the Public and Private Sector from 25 - 28 June, 2013 in London (UK) to
> assess the worst global economic down turn since the Great Depression. The
> aim is to identify emergency and long-term responses to mitigate the impact
> of the crisis, populations, and initiate a needed dialogue on the
> transformation of the international financial architecture, taking into
> account the needs and concerns of all countries of the world.
> The United Nations - DESA summit coming up in June was mandated at the
> Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development, held in
> June 2009 in New-York. Member States requested the General Assembly to
> organize the meeting "at the highest level".
> Date: 25th - 28th June, 2013
> Venue: International Convention Centre London, United Kingdom.
> Conference Theme: Impact and implications of the global financial and
> economic crisis on sustainable development & climate change proposals for
> an integrated global response to the crisis.
> Registration to this Summit is absolutely "free" and strictly for invited
> individuals and organizations only. As an invitee, you have received a
> registration code UNDESA/03260/2013/UK with the invitation letter, which
> grants you access to the registration form. The United Nations Department
> of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) will sponsor free travel costs and
> all-round flight ticket for all participant. Invited participants will only
> be responsible for their hotel accommodation and feeding cost at the
> Central Park Hotel. The International Convention & Exhibition Centre
> (ICC)London, United Kingdom is the venue of this summit while the Central
> Park Hotel has been officially designated to accommodate all participant
> for this unique and prestigious global financial and economic crisis summit.
> Participants will enjoy shows, attractions, activities, and tours
> available in host city.
> Call for papers:
> United Nations welcomes paper presentation from interested
> participants,scholars, financial experts, policy makers, and other
> practitioners. Paper presentations will be scheduled for 20 minutes each
> including questions.
> The following topics can be covered in your submission and presentation:
> * Causes and Solutions of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis
> * Global Repercussions of the Financial and Economic Crisis
> * Fundamental Defects of the Free Market System
> * The Impact of the Financial and Economic Crisis on Developing Countries
> * The Impact of the Financial and Economic Crisis on Millennium
> Development Goals MDG's
> * Accounting & Financial Regulations
> * Government and/or Private Sector Response to the Financial and Economic
> Crisis
> * Any other topic relating to Finance and Economy.
> Important Dates:
> Submission of Paper Presentation and Proposals -- Friday, 31st May, 2013.
> Submission of Registration form and Proof of Accommodation from the
> Central Park Hotel -- As early as possible.
> Registration Closing Date -- As set by the United Nations.
> For further details about registration form,visa,flight ticket and other
> details, write an acceptance letter to be part of this event and send
> directly to the (Conference Organizing Secretary) Ms. Cristina Parceog via
> e-mail: registration@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> For more information call +44(0)782-2-170859.
> Register Now!
> Ronald Pierre,
> [Coordinator]
> Communication and Public Affairs.

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