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Dear Friend,

The Twa are visible now!
Since 2011 when Barefoot Artists worked with the Twa people in
Rugerero, Rwanda, the community has grown their pottery production. A
government energy agency is now partnering with them to make a
special economic stove, which uses only one wood stick. The Twa
villagers have extended their workspace and constructed a new kiln
for the purpose. The production of the new stove helps to stabilize
their income.
"When Barefoot Artists helped the Twa to construct their Pottery
Center along a major highway with the beautiful mosaics and mural, it
made the Twa visible. Their lives have been transformed.”  

--Jean Bosco Musana, former Red Cross Regional Director

In May, Stacy Bailey-Ndiaye, Executive Director of Muhammad Ali
Institute for Peace and Justice, along with a group of young Ali
Scholars on their International Learning Journey to Rwanda and Uganda
visited Rugerero Survivors Village and the Genocide Memorial Park.

Follow This Link To See More Photos From The Recent Trip:


The Taiwan Project:
Barefoot Artists Director Lily Yeh revisited Chong An village of
indigenous Ah Mei people, with whom she collaborated in the previous
two years to bring colors and vitality to the village. She realized
soon that there are conflicts within the community. It makes the
continuation of the Chong An transformation project difficult. She
established the Community Harmony Committee. The four members are
charged with the mission to turn conflicts into harmony. 


A Great Masters’ Series Presentation at National Taiwan Arts

Lily Yeh’s 2014 presentation at the National Taiwan Arts University
was called “Art, Healing, and Community Building.” Students
commented that, “we wish that your method can be widely practiced
in Taiwan. Many communities need healing and revitalization.”


Inspiring Women Summit:

This interview is part of the Inspiring Women Summit, a global
teleseries where you can learn from some of the most potent speakers,
artists, activists and visionaries about how to lead an extraordinary
life. For more information, please visit


Philadelphia Inquirer Review of The Barefoot Artist Movie:

By Melissa Dribben, Inquirer Staff Writer on May 16, 2014

Lily Yeh folds her hands on the small dining table in her tiny
Philadelphia townhouse, drops her forehead to her ropy knuckles, and

It is not unusual to see Yeh, 73, overcome with feeling. Since
cofounding the Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia
in 1989, she has made it her mission to bring creativity and art to
broken communities. More often than not, she grieves for others’
pain and finds joy in their successes.

Her tears this time, however, are not for the neglected children of
drug addicts in the city, or victims of genocide in Rwanda, or
orphans in China, or the poor in Kenya, Palestinian areas, Ecuador,
and India – all of whom have moved and inspired her.

No, this time, the pain is personal.

Follow this link to read the entire article.


The Barefoot Artist on DVD:

This feature length documentary explores two sides of Lily Yeh’s
life that are connected parts of the same journey: her international
ventures helping to heal weakened spirits in communities in North
America, Africa, China, and India, and a personal journey within, to
repair her own fractured family. To embrace the latter, Lily embarks
on a trip to China to trace her father’s life, in hopes of
resolving life-long guilt that was passed from father to daughter.
Get the DVD.


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