[gha] International interfaith conference and workshops, Honolulu, August 30-September 6, 2014

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 02:30:28 -0500 (EST)

Dear Leo and fellow-GHA members,

We are happy to attach a preliminary announcement for a 3-day international 
interfaith conference, Exploring the Converging Paths of Religions, to be held 
in Honolulu, August 30 to September 1, 2014, followed by three days of 
workshops and group discussions (September 3-6), with a field trip to cultural 
sites around Oahu separating these two events. 

We would love to have GHA join us in co-sponsoring this event. "Co-sponsorship" 
simply means showing your moral support for the event; no financial obligation 
is involved. The event's current co-sponsors (all Honolulu-based) are the All 
Believers Network, University of Hawaii's Religion Department, and Milun 
(Association for Promoting South Asian Culture Center). 

We also invite GHA to present an overview paper summarizing GHA's experience in 
working "interfaithly" and suggesting steps we should consider in moving 
forward. Please also suggest names of other organizations having successful 
track records of interfaith activities that we should request for similar 

This conference was inspired by the interest shown by the approximately 110 
people who crowded into our meeting room at the Melbourne meeting of the 
Parliament of World's Religions (2009), when we  organized a concurrent 
session, "Exploring the Universality of God's Religion." 

We will be happy to provide additional information.

Saleem Ahmed,
President, All Believers Network
and Hawaii GHA member

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