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Hi Heli,

You have raised a very good question. Unfortunately, I have no answer. I am 
hoping -- and praying -- that this first round might generate support from 
major donors for a second round (hopefully soon). We need to establish our 
track record first. We will be inviting some major donors to also participate 
in this first round. Let us see how it turns out.

All the best!

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Thanks for updates.
The event is very important, an it is worth participating.
However, some of us may be in need of sponsorship. I am personally among those 
who need sponsorship. Perhaps there could be others who have the same challenge.
Could GHA work about the issue of sponsoring some of its members?
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  Le Lundi 3 mars 2014 9h28, "hisaleem@xxxxxxx" <hisaleem@xxxxxxx> a écrit :

Dear GHA members,

I thank all who sent letters of inquiry about our international interfaith 
conference, "Exploring Converging Paths of Religions," scheduled to be held in 
Honolulu, August 30 to September 5, 2014. This interest is most heartening.

While our plans are moving on track, we need to sort out two uncertainties 
before we can issue the formal announcement. This will be hopefully before the 
end of March, 2013. Our anticipated registration fee might drop a little; also 
individuals could share a room with two beds and split the cost.

Finally, I am happy to inform you that, per Leo, GHA will join us as a 

I will be happy to provide additional information.

With best wishes and aloha,
Saleem Amed, Ph.D.
VP GHA, Hawaii, 
And President, All Believers Network.


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