[gha] Re: GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE: Discussion of two key chapters to May 23. Ethics of scholar and peacemaker is incompatible with silence as disrespect.

  • From: María Cristina Azcona <mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gha <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 15:24:52 -0300

Hi Leo, GHA members and GPS authors

I read the two chapters anf found them awesomely great but:

I see at the Foreword itself, where it says

*The key philosophical conclusion of the ABC of Harmony is the beginning of
global peace science and its existence as source of revolutionary thinking.
In fact, this was anticipated by Confucius and Buddha.....*

I would add it also has been anticipated by Jesus Christ

At the New Testament, The Christian Golden Rule: *In everything do to
others as you would have them do to you* ( Mathew 7: 12; Luke 6:31)
establishes a better understanding of the Old golden Rule. Gandhi and
Martin Luther King based their vision of peace in Jesus Christ vision of
love and peace.
If we talk about Budha and Confucius we need to add Occidental basis of
peace and harmony or we are not being just with all religions. We must be
careful or the book will be accused of not being impartial but being
oriented to determined religions as a basis of the book knowledge
In fact i am aChristian myself and take my wisdom from jesus not only from
Budha or confucius

Gandhi himself took from jesus his famous non killng philosophy

I dont have comments on the second chapter only to say is perfect


*María Cristina Azcona*

*María Cristina Azcona*

2014-05-15 13:49 GMT-03:00 Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>:

>  Dear friends of GHA worldwide,
> I am happy to send you the two key chapters (83 pages) of our collective
> book: Global Peace Science (GPS):
> 1. Theory of SPHERONS (spheral classes of the population) as eternal
> actors of global peace and
> 2. SPHERONS’ Statistical proof, which is minimal but enough to be
> convinced in their universal existence and reality as eternal actors of
> global peace from harmony. These chapters are available here: 
> *www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585
> <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585>* and attachment. They
> were edited by Bruce Cook and partially Robert Weir - we appreciate their
> work.
> These chapters are the GPS theoretical and empirical foundation. On it
> will be located the articles of about its 50 co-authors. By the GHA
> tradition, its innovative knowledge belongs to everyone, so there are no
> restrictions on its distribution, discussion and participation in it - we
> do not make it a secret. In view of the crucial importance of these
> chapters, they sharpen three simple questions about the abilities of each
> GHA member as peacemaker, especially each coauthor of GPS:
> 1. Are you capable carefully *to read* these chapters (83 pages)? - Could
> you read them?
> 2. Are you capable *to evaluate* them to formulate your own opinion (any,
> positive or critical) of these chapters and to express it in a few (2-5)
> phrases? - Could you evaluate them and to express your opinion about them?
> 3. Are you capable *to write and send to all members of the GHA your
> public response with your opinion* about these chapters on GHA Email: 
> *gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>*  *during a week before May 23 inclusively?* - Could
> you write and send your opinion to all?
> Of course, here, except your mind, requires your will, which the great
> French writer and philosopher Andre Maurois named by "the queen of
> virtues." From your abilities and will depends the scientific quality of
> our collective GPS, therefore also an honor of each of its coauthors and
> GHA in general in fulfilling our peacemaking mission in our anniversary,
> tenth year of life. The GPS following discussions will be similar: I will
> propound the chapters about 30 pages with 10-15 coauthors’ articles rather
> than individual articles. It will be more intense and more democratic
> discussion format than discussion each of the 70 articles separately.
> Please, let me highlight the scientific and ethical situation with our
> first chapters of GPS. These chapters, which required more than two months
> of my work, starting in March, express a fundamentally new approach to
> understanding peace and creating the foundation of peace science for the
> first time in history. Peace has not been made in the last 100 years within
> the traditional approaches, starting with pacifism since the late 19th
> century. This means it will never be reached through those similar methods.
> Humanity will not be able to achieve peace without changing anything in its
> peace consciousness, thinking and education. The proposed GPS is a
> fundamental, revolutionary change of peace consciousness, thinking and
> education. *The GPS scientific revolution of peace thinking is thinking
> by global peace actors from harmony: SPHERONS*. Therefore, this book
> represents, first of all, GHA’s highest moral responsibility and requires
> from us, from its coauthors, high scientific and civil ethics.
> This ethics requires from each of us active discussion, from which depends
> the quality of GPS. I rewrote the proposed chapters many times and am ready
> to rewrite them again after your criticism, suggestions and editing with
> gratitude to you. Your active position in the discussion is a key condition
> for scientific improving GPS.
> In this regard, therefore, we will be forced to exclude from the book the
> co-authors who choose to be silent and ignore the discussion of the new
> book chapters, i.e., those who have self-distanced from it and from dialog
> about it with its coauthors - *this is not the position of peace to
> neglect dialog*. We cannot recognize the dangerous trend of silent
> indifference among us. For example, in our discussion of a very important
> and interesting article by Ernesto Kahan about military genocide, only 10
> coauthors participated. This is a very low level of solidarity for our
> unprecedented peace book, which requires the highest level of
> consolidation. The coauthors and all members of the GHA expect active
> involvement from each participant of the book.
> Particularly high is our priority to estimate any of your editing on any
> piece of text or the book as a whole, as well as any criticism and *your
> definition of the place of your article and its ideas in GPS and among its
> SPHERONS*. This will be a beacon signal for me:  in which direction I
> must edit your articles and reduce them to 2-3 pages. Only this format of
> ethical, friendly and mutually respectful discussion of our peace science
> from harmony is appropriate. Silence and indifference are disrespectful to
> colleagues, friends and our mission of peace. Any disrespect is
> unacceptable for GHA and its mission. Therefore, we look forward to an
> active discussion of each as a guarantee of our ethics and science. This
> discussion is also very important in our time, in the new acute global
> context, when we see a new round of the Cold War, nationalism, militaristic
> hysteria and pathology that can effectively resist just common scientific
> understanding of peace in our GPS.
> With love, best wishes for peace from harmony,
> Dr. Leo Semashko,
> GHA President.
> www.peacefromharmony.org
> 15/05/14

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