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  • From: Bruce Cook <cookcomm@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 15:20:45 -0500


Thanks for the useful contribuitons so manyhave made on our gha lists. If
you are on gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or ghausa@freelists,org, anythig you send to
the list will be automatically published.

There are onine archives avaioable for all postings in these lists...

For gha
The  monthly archive is found here: http://www.freelists.org/archive/gha

For gha usa
The monthly archive is found here: http://www.freelists.org/archive/ghausa

Current news on publishing The ABC of Harmony...

ABC of Harmony was finally accepted for listing in the iBook store and
Nook, so people with ipads can download it. Distribution via Amazon, etc.
is still in progress.

The epub version is here:


The pdf (Acrobat) version is here:

The paperback (print) version is here:



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