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Here's what I sent Bruce Cook:

I support your comments.

I also regret that the global strategy advanced by GHA still omits the importance of the concept of Economic Justice (see especially Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights <http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml#a17>) as an essential twin pillar for achieving Global Harmonious Peace, Prosperity and Freedom for all members of global Society.

Article 17 and the institutional means to achieve access to the rights and power of property as a fundamental human right are missing from the constitutions of every nation state, as well as the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and all UN bodies dealing with poverty and global economic development. Instead, universal access to property rights is ignored. Even Jefferson in authoring the U.S. Bills of Rights in 1776 left out the term "property", in my view because of America's "original sin" -- human slavery, which treated people as "things".

While America and the world today formally oppose human slavery, our current economic systems have shackled most citizens into a more subtle form of dehumanizing slavery -- wage slavery, welfare slavery, charity slavery and debt slavery. Adoption of Article 17 at all levels of global society would end all modern forms of human slavery by enabling all humans to become liberated as owners of all wealth-producing capital assets, such as the unlimited frontier of every-advancing technologies and all forms of "energy slaves." Little wonder that global poverty perpetuated by the global masters of money and finance and widespread corruption among political leaders supporting economic plutocracies within all countries are the main root sources of war, global terrorism, unemployment and group conflict.

If the GHA is to succeed as an interfaith educational network advancing Harmony within today's chaotic world, GHA cannot ignore Justice as a universal and complementary goal for guiding the redesign of the moral and legal architecture of the world. GHA to date does not address the question, "Who should own the world?" World Citizen Garry Davis answered that question <http://www.worldservice.org/whoowns.html> in a way that should be read by all those who seek a more harmonious and just world. A supporter of Garry and one of the great world design scientists R. Buckminster Fuller offered these few pearls of wisdom to GHA members:

   "We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. . .
   . [Our challenge is to] make the world work for 100% of humanity in
   the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation and
   without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone."

I hope all those associated with GHA will heed the advice of global visionaries like the 92-year-old Garry Davis and the late Bucky Fuller. That will position GHA above all other groups advocating Peace by supplementing its current vision with a practical with a bolder and more complete vision for making the world work, from the bottom-up.

Members of GHA who read these two writings are invited to visit and consider joining the website of the Coalition for Capital Homesteading <http://www.capitalhomestead.org/>, an advocacy group advancing the Just Third Way vision and comprehensive system reforms designed to achieve a people-empowered, market oriented, property-based approach to economic democracy at local, regional, national and global levels of the Global Village. CESJ is a member of the Coalition. I hope GHA will also join the Coalition.

In Harmonious Peace through Compassionate Justice,

Norman G. Kurland, J.D.
Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)
P.O. Box 40711, Washington, DC 20016
(O) 703-243-5155, (F) 703-243-5935

On 5/18/13 9:41 AM, transcendentlaw@xxxxxxx wrote:
//Bruce and Kurt,
Congratulations, Bruce, for your well-put apology on behalf of like-minded members of the GHA community. Since I have to concentrate on finishing two books this summer, I plan to go on a "GHA sabbatical", but I will remain in what is known as a "lurking mode", that is, observing the world below from the empyrean heights.
Peace, prosperity, and freedom
through the interfaith harmony
of transcendent and compassionate justice,
Bob Crane
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I'd like to apologize for the GHA's inappropriate response to the GHA failure to win the WIHW competition. I was consulted on this matter and suggested that nothing should be said against the competition, basically citing the well-known Serenity Prayer as a comfort. However, in spite of my suggestion, the complaint was sent out and Monica, who properly objected, was targeted with strong words.

As President of GHA-USA, I join Kurt Johnson in apologizing to Monica, Nina, and anyone else who felt hurt by the communication.

Let's do our best to work together in harmony in the future.


Bruce Cook
President, GHA-USA

Norman G. Kurland, J.D.
Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)
P.O. Box 40711, Washington, DC 20016
(O) 703-243-5155, (F) 703-243-5935
(E) thirdway@xxxxxxxx
(Web) http://www.cesj.org

"Own or be owned."

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