[gha] GHA: Congratulations Bruce and Kurt

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 Bruce and Kurt,

    Congratulations, Bruce, for your well-put apology on behalf of like-minded 
members of the GHA community.  Since I have to concentrate on finishing two 
books this summer, I plan to go on a "GHA sabbatical", but I will remain in 
what is known as a "lurking mode", that is, observing the world below from the 
empyrean heights.

Peace, prosperity, and freedom
through the interfaith harmony
of transcendent and compassionate justice,

Bob Crane

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I'd like to apologize for the GHA's inappropriate response to the GHA failure 
to win the WIHW competition. I was consulted on this matter and suggested that 
nothing should be said against the competition, basically citing the well-known 
Serenity Prayer as a comfort. However, in spite of my suggestion, the complaint 
was sent out and Monica, who properly objected, was targeted with strong words.

As President of GHA-USA, I join Kurt Johnson in apologizing to Monica, Nina, 
and anyone else who felt hurt by the communication.

Let's do our best to work together in harmony in the future.


Bruce Cook

President, GHA-USA

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