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  • Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 13:11:37 +0400

Dear Devotha and Heli,

I am happy to congratulate you on your wonderful wedding on behalf of all 
members of the Global Harmony Association from 60 countries around the world! 

We wish you happiness and love from harmony as the most solid spiritual 
foundation of any family!

Your wedding is the same as the GHA 8-th anniversary and it is for you and for 
us a remarkable sign of destiny. Heli, you are historical man of Africa as the 
coauthor of the history and world's first the ABC of Harmony, as the GHA active 
member and as its Board Vice President. This high mark will accompany your 
family, your children and your grandchildren in all your life at 21 and the 
next century. Your family will be living symbol of global harmony of GHA and 
ABC of Harmony in Africa and, of course, in your country, in Rwanda. 

GHA armed you with "the most powerful weapon to change the world," as Nelson 
Mandela told - this is the ABC of Harmony for harmonious education, 
consciousness and spirituality. You ? are the first owners of this supreme 
humanistic and harmonious "weapon" on your continent. It depends from you only 
- how you use this spiritual gift of fate, with what benefit for your family, 
country and the world in a whole? 

We understand that we live in another world, far removed from our harmonious 
ideal. We live in a world where the ideal is money - their number and 
materialization. We must reckon with the fact that this society will be 
replaced by a harmonious society through very long time, over many decades, 
gradually and evolutionary. Therefore, in it we have to think about money. New 
way of earning ? it is organization harmonious education, publishing business 
of the ABC of Harmony, and etc. 

Unfortunately, the GHA has no now the financial resources to help your family. 
But we hope to get the Amman Prize for Interfaith Harmony project (you could 
write a joint article in it after your honeymoon) in March. If this happens, 
then I will offer the GHA Board to allocate you a thousand dollars as the GHA 
gift to your wedding. 

Now we are glad to present you the posy. I hope that our poets will send you 
the poems for your wedding, and our artists ? paintings and etc. 


With love, best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko:
State  Councillor  of  St.  Petersburg,
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
Director:  Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA);
Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org
World Interfaith Harmony Project on the ABC of Harmony Base:
GHA Program Book, The ABC of Harmony:
P/Web page: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253;
Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg 194356, Russia
Phone: 7 (812) 597-65-71; Skype: leo.semahko
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leo.semashko?ref=tn_tnmn

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  Subject: Merry christmas and Happy new year

I hope you are doing well.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year 2013.
At the same time, I invite you to my wedding ceremony in next February 15, 2013.
GHA Vice-President
Assistant Lecturer &Director/Office of the Rector
Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of Kibungo (INATEK)
Phones:250788686324, 250728686324
Email: haheli2001@xxxxxxxx

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