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  • From: María Cristina Azcona <mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gha <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2014 09:40:59 -0300

What Hedva says is true
We need to create an active forum of debate on this email group around
Leo´s ideas and books
it is peace, the debate is the peace and will create new themes around
We will learn from our own conflicts
Im glad slandering has stoped finally thanks to the intervention of  members
Hedva, Susana, Ammar , Takis, Guy who like me are peacemakers who practice
peacemaking in conflicts

Leo has health problems. So in the meantime we may re read the first 2
chapters and send opinion
I think they are still not enough reviewed.
Hedva, Takis, Ammar, Stephen, Bruce, Glenn, Lida,Susana ,maitreyee all
please send a  500 to 1000 words  review on first 2 chapters

Leo please send again  the first 2 chapter sin attachment to the gha

All the discussion started because of that. We need to make again this
TO WORK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*María Cristina Azcona*

*María Cristina Azcona*

2014-07-05 4:56 GMT-03:00 Hedva Bachrach <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> -------- Original Message --------  Subject: hedva  Date: Sat, 05 Jul
> 2014 10:56:18 +0300  From: Hedva Bachrach <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  To: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> *I join*
> *Maria Cristina Azcona in her response.  I'd like to know; Is this the way
> of the GHA of settling conflicts of ideas inside?? How can it presume to
> bring to peace outside??  differences of ideas is legitimate in a
> democratic organization, and I hope it is so. I joined this group because I
> want peace with all my heart, especially in the terrible conflict in our
> area. But please, not like this.  No defamation of characters, especially
> of members of the GHA. Listening to all should be the moto of such an
> important mission in the world. Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach Cir. Academic
> women organization, IAUW Cultural attache to the outside world, Council of
> Women organizations. Member of the writers organizations In Israel Former
> member -for two terms-6 years, of an international committee, personally
> evaluating community projects in some countries in Europe and some in Asia.
> Receiver of two international prizes in the field of literature. *

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