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  • From: Nina Meyerhof <nina@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 05:51:48 -0400

> Leo. I am not even able to say DEAR LEO--
> Monica is one the finest human beings you will ever meet. She is a dedicated 
> world server, ethical, committed, hard working, humane, trustworthy, loving 
> and most of all a peace maker!!! She is a true friend to many of us. She is 
> always available to help and to discuss how to further work within the United 
> Nations as well as in many of our projects. 
> How dare you use such words accusing her? How dare you write these people 
> with words like this? It is a reflection on YOU and not her! These are your 
> projections of how you think and what is in your mind. No one I know would 
> ever speak like this to anyone in the name of Peace and Harmony. Your words 
> are of a dictator ...not getting what you want. 
> It is easy to agree and like people who adhere to your desires of how to run 
> GHA but to learn to integrate other ideas and ideals is more the learning of 
> how to make peace in the world. Your words are so aggressive and nasty that I 
> am deeply stunned as to what to say or how I shall continue here.
> Ask humbly to be forgiven...that is all I can say.  Nina

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