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I beg your pardon that I can not send money, because of my economic situation. I'm now the sole provider in the family. Hedva

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Subject: [gha] Re: SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your discussion and approval in your voting to February 4
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Dear Leo, Members,

I regret that I am unable to contribute.
Yours in pursuit of harmony and peace,
Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.
President, GHA-USA
Vice-President, GHA
Director of CSSS Publishing and Editorial team
President, World Writers Resources, Inc.
Author, *Harmony of Nations: 1943 – 2020*, Just Fiction Editions, 2012
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Elgin, IL 60123 USA
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   *Subject:* [gha] SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your
   discussion and approval in your voting to February 4

   SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your discussion and
   approval in your voting to February 4

   Leo Semashko and Glen Martin

   APPEAL to GPS Coauthors, GHA Members and Friends!
   SOS for GPS:
     Global Peace of the 21st Century cannot be without it!

   Rescue of drowning is the handiwork of drowning.
   If not we then who else will create GPS? - No one else.


   The ninth anniversary of the Global Harmony Association (GHA:
   _www.peacefromharmony.org <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/>_) and
   the second anniversary of the publication /the ABC of Harmony for
   World Peace/ ... (2012:
   _www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478_) is on February 15, 2014.

   This book contains the science of global harmony as a source for
   world peace and is the theoretical foundation of *Global Peace
   Science (GPS)*: _www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585_. These
   revolutionary scientific discoveries of GHA are presented in
   unprecedented 7 books and 49 GHA projects for 9 years

   But today we should talk no about the GHA achievements but about
   salvation of the GHA spirit to complete his crowning contribution to
   global peace - GPS, without which can be no global peace in our
   century. The insurmountable obstacle to complete GPS became the
   fruitless search of a groat in $40.000, we could not find within a
   year among of more than 100 Nobel Laureates, international peace
   organizations and foundations, some of which have budgets in the
   millions and even billions of dollars. (Maybe they are more serving
   to their greed than peace? Why? Their list, review of our
   invitations for them and the answer on this question we will give in
   a special article in GPS book).


   To date, we have received about 60 articles and several poems of 43
   coauthors from 17 countries: *see the list below*. This is
   approximately 90% of the expected promised articles, which together
   with the applications are about 400 pages of the GPS book. In fact,
   in the theoretical part, we have prepared this book almost
   completely, except for the other key work on editing them, for which
   we reserve 6 months, and also 10 unfinished editorials.

   *However, we cannot and will not publish this book until we will not
   conduct the necessary statistical study of dynamics of the spheral
   classes of the population at least in the two countries for
   comparison: the U.S. and Russia during 60 years, starting since 1950
   to 2010 on decades (*_www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=579_*).
   Only this study will be the second necessary element of any science
   - the empirical basis for GPS, which proves the existence, real
   dynamics and key function of the spheral classes of the population
   as a global social structure, which determines the source of social
   harmony and peace from it. Without such empirical basis, GPS has no
   right to be called as a science.*/Therefore, the book GPS together
   with the Earth Constitution as its organic part can not and will not
   be published without this empirical base./ Without it, GPS and all
   its parts, ideas, articles and coauthors *will be discredited*. *We
   cannot let that happen*.

   But this statistical research for GPS cannot be held without payment
   of a complex and long (4-6 months) work of professional
   statisticians in the United States and Russia. The costs for this
   work in minimum amount $24,000 on $12,000 by a country. In addition,
   translation, editing, creating two original models and publication
   in Russian and English two books of 400 pages in 1000 copies each
   will require, in minimum, another $16,000 by $8000 for each country.
   /As a result, each country requires $20,000 to provide GPS necessary
   empirical basis and publish its book in November-December 2014 to
   the GHA 10th anniversary. In total, the GHA must find at least $40,000/.

   This funding is today the GPS salvation, the rescue of spirit, will,
   mind, and hope of global peace, which is impossible without this
   science in the 21st century. It is salvation for revolution of peace
   thinking embodied in GPS and, finally, is the GHA salvation as only
   organization that embodies the idea and dream of global peace from
   global harmony. Without this money they will die. This will be an
   irreparable loss of humanity for its global peace. Therefore, the
   GHA must find $40,000 to save GPS for mankind. How to do it?

   Solution: Self-sacrifice for Peace through Donation

   Our GHA position today maybe expresses well by the paraphrased first
   line of Dante's Divine Comedy: "earthly life passed before the half,
   we (GHA) found themselves in a dark forest," in the financial
   quagmire. In truth, we are all life in it but today it is
   particularly critical and detrimental for the GHA. We rescued from
   it acting on our own donations of the GHA members and coauthors of
   all our books 7. Therefore, before the GHA a choice is today: either
   to perish abandoning GPS *or find a lifeline in one thousand dollars
   donation from each of the GPS 43 co-authors during February-March
   that since March to begin the necessary statistical study*.

   I, Leo Semashko, GHA Founding President, *guarantee to donate in
   February a thousand dollars* to create GPS. It's my 3+ monthly
   pension ($300 or 10 500 rubles per month); I'll live at the expense
   of my wife and sons. Glen gives a similar guarantee what he will
   write specially. Of course, we understand that this donation has
   three sides. For some of the authors of the poorest countries, with
   children and aging parents, it is impossible. For some, it is
   possible only in some part of a thousand of dollars. But for some
   the donations in 5, 10, and 15 thousand dollars are possible.

   The donations for GPS, without which global peace is impossible in
   the 21st century, are real help and compassion to humanity still
   deprived of universal peace, suffering from war and terror and
   unhappy in them. The names of all donors will be included in
   *Honorary List: "Global Peace Donators," which will be published on
   the first page of GPS book*.

   We see in the world a lot of the war donators, including us, a
   substantial part of the taxes of each of us goes to weapons and war
   but unfortunately we still do not see the taxes on peace, because we
   live in a militaristic civilization, and also the donors of global
   peace, the institution of which GHA will open by this list.


   We propose to approve the GHA new World Honorary Title for the GPS
   donors in 15 thousand dollars or more, starting with the GPS book
   donations. As GPS now includes the Earth Constitution as its
   essential part so we offer the following name for this title:
   Pompilius of the 21st Century" or simply "NUMA". GHA will open on
   the site "Peace from Harmony" a gallery of the MAECENASES with their
   portraits and biographies and will publish them in the GPS periodic
   books to immortalize their names. This honorary title is offered in
   honor of the second king of Rome Numa Pompilius, who lived in the
   7th century BC. According to ancient historians, Plutarch and
   others, Numa Pompilius donated for peace all his fortune and
   established for all 43 years of his reign eternal peace for the
   Roman people on the basis of social harmony, which he created
   intuitively long before Confucius, Buddha and Christ. The human
   history does not know of such rulers and wealthy people as
   philanthropists and maecenases of eternal world peace. Alfred Nobel
   was only in the late 19th century, tried to repeat the example of
   Numa Pompilius and bequeathed to humanity of the 20th century the
   annual Peace Prize of his military revenue from his invented
   dynamite. Unfortunately, his Prize, with all its grandeur, did not
   save humanity from the bloodiest in the history of the 20th century,
   filled with the world, national, revolutionary, civil and terrorist
   wars, still flame up to now. To a new age and its global peace are
   need the new rulers, maecenases and donors like Numa Pompilius but
   not the only and in an infinite number of supporters of world peace,
   willing and able to donate 15 thousand dollars or more for GPS.
   Erica Lazarova’s wonderful article about Numa Pompilius on two pages
   of /the ABC of Harmony/ is given in the attachment.

   Peace Nobel of the 21st century and its qualitative development. It
   is a symbol of revolution of peaceful thinking and GPS from social
   harmony in the 21st century, the supporters of which will be
   millions of people of moderate means from all spheral classes of
   humanity as a source of harmony. If the GHA Honorary Title "World
   Harmony Creator" was approved primarily for thinkers, developing the
   idea and science of ​​world harmony, including the social, the GHA
   Honorary Title "NUMA" we propose to approve for peace sponsors with
   donations more than 15 thousand dollars and for policy makers
   working in global peace direction and donating for it. Status of
   this GHA honorary title will be created after its approval in
   principle and we welcome your suggestions for it. But the main thing
   is: who of GHA members will be the first "NUMA" of the 21st century
   and will launch this unprecedented peace initiative for humanity?

   If we, the GHA coauthors, members and friends are the true
   peacemakers of the 21st century, we must show an example of
   self-sacrifice for GPS, without which cannot be global peace in our
   century. We cannot blame anyone, as we first need to present a
   convincing empirical basis for GPS; we are able to create only by
   some of our small but tangible sacrifice as donation. From it now
   depends the fate of global peace and new honorary title.
   We hope for a high peaceful awareness and civic responsibility of
   the GPS coauthors, other members and friends of the GHA to save GPS
   and GHA as a symbol of peace from harmony.

   *We invite the GHA members to discuss and approve with your editing
   this Appeal together with the GHA new honorary title "NUMA" by your
   public YES or NO for 4 days within February 2 to 5 February
   inclusively and with it inform about your intention to donate (or
   inability to do so) the guaranteed amount in February-March 2014.
   After this information you will receive from us the bank account
   number to which you could transfer your donation. Thank you.

   *The GPS book Co-editors:
   Dr. Leo Semashko
   GHA President

   Dr. Glen T. Martin
     President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (www.wcpa.biz,
   President, Institute on World Problems (www.worldproblems.net)
   Professor of Philosophy, Radford University (_www.radford.edu/gmartin_)

   GPS Authors on 01/02/14:
   43 co-authors from 17 countries:
   Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Ghana, Greece, India, Iran, Israel,
   Italy, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Russia,
   Slovenia, USA

   GPS Authors
   In $1000 for every
   *My guaranteed donation in February-March 2014*
   Leo Semashko
   Glen Martin
   Ada Aharoni
   Celia Altschuler
   Ayo Ayoola-Amale
   María Cristina Azcona
   Ammar Banni
   Harold Becker
   Tholana Chakravarthy
   Subhash Chandra
   Bruce Cook
   Renato Corsetti
   Harry Gensler
   Takis Ioannides
   Kurt Johnston
   Ernesto Kahan
   Abdul Kalam
   Muhammad Khan
   Athanassios Koumouris
   Evelin Lindner
   A.K. Merchant
   Charles Mercieca
   Nina Meyerhof
   Matjaž Mulej
   Manijeh Navidnia
   David R. Ord
   Apostolos Paschos
   Bishnu Pathak
   Marianna Poghosyan
   Susana Roberts
   Subhash Sharma
   Uraz Baimuratov
   Julia Budnikova
   Dmitry Delyukin
   Ivan Ivanov
   Svetlana Kuskovskaya
   Erica Lazarova
   Roxana Sadykova
   Alexander Semashko
   Andrew Semashko
   Piotr Semashko
   Adolf Shvedchikov
   Alexander Subetto


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