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On 19/11/2013 00:02, ADOLF SHVEDCHIKOV wrote:
Dear Hedva Bachrach! *Very dear Dr. Shvednikov,*

*I will gladly print your poem and your life c.v. and hand it over to Russian people here. Only in my building , which is an apartment house, there are about 10 Russian families, and in other buildings too - there are seven buildings. I shall also ask if they know the name of the Russian poets organization here in the country. We had an immigration from Russia about one million people, who speak Russian and educate their children in very good schools. They are mostly Academic people, as are immigrants from the States. I'll be honored to distribute your poem. Hedva *
Many thanks for you Email concerning the poem "PEACELOVELOGY" written
by Muhammad Yunus Khan (Pakistan). I translated this poem into Russian, you will find this translation. maybe it will be interesting to read Russians who live in Israel. I send also information about myself in case you may read my poetry.
Have a nice week and be healthy!


Dr. Adolf Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD
Los Angeles, California, USA

EM: adolfps@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:adolfps@xxxxxxxxx>

Translated by Adolf Shvedchikov (RUSSIA)

Muhammad Yunus Khan (Pakistan)


МухаммедЮнусХан (Пакистан)


Гениальные люди замечают,

Что поэма под названием ?МИРОЛЮБОЛОГИЯ?

Несёт в себе революционные идеи,

Вызывая ?цунами? в мыслях литературных гигантов.

Литературные гиганты довольствуются обычными идеями,

Они не любят острых углов, их умереный ход мыслей

Помогает создавать любовь, гармонию и мир,

Война отброшена.

Человечество на земле никогда

Не достигнет процветания,

Пока будут продолжаться гражданские войны

Или конфликты с соседними государствами.

Как вы помните, человечество не раз страдало

От Первой Мировой войны (1914 -- 1918),

Второй Мировой войны (1939 -- 1945),

Помимо других многочисленных конфликтов и стычек.

Я знаю, что вам известно:

Ужас войны не сулит человечеству

Ничего хорошего, разве что человеческие сообщества

И животные превратятся в скелеты.

Поэтому филантропы и люди с добрым сердцем

Решили создать гармонию, мир и терпимость

Среди разных сообществ.

Мы, члены Глобального Союза Гармонии (ГСГ)

Призываем людей присоединиться к нам,

Чтобы делать на земле хорошие дела и быть добродетельными.

Давайте отбросим войну и конфликты

И станем проповедниками любви и гармонии среди народов мира,

Независимо от их положения, убеждения и вероисповедания.

Это абсолютно необходимо в 21м веке.

Президент ГСГ и его члены согласны

Опубликовать в 2014 году историческую книгу

?Азбука Гармонии для глобального мира?.

Предложенная книга НГМ поднимет престиж

Международной конференции,

Которая состоится в 2015 году.

Давайте обучать народы мира

Любыми средствами в любое время

Для продвижения идеи мира.

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 1:17 PM, Hedva Bachrach <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

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    Subject:    Re: [gha] POEM - PEACELOVELOGY
    Date:       Mon, 18 Nov 2013 23:12:20 +0200
    From:       Hedva Bachrach <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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    On 18/11/2013 12:52, Muhammad Yunus Khan wrote:
    From: Muhammad Yunus Khan <yunushavaida@xxxxxxxxx

    Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013.


    Dear Colleagues,

    I hope everyone is fine. Everyone of us like: Harmony, Love, Peace -
    rather global science - based peace, tolerance and brotherhood on
    the earth, irrespective of faith, class and creed.

    Very humbly I attach herewith "Poem - Peacelovelogy" which is
    self explanatory.

    Thanks. *Your Poem is so true, thank you for it Mr. Yunus Khan,
    and Alla, God, Yehova which are the same- father of us all -
    bless you.*

    *Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach
    CIR Academic Women Oragnization Israel
    Cultural liazon officer with the outside world - Israeli council
    of Women Organizations
    former member of the International Committee of the IFUW ,
    evaluating community projects in some European and some Asian
    Academic Researcher of Ethnic traditions and their manifestation
    in literary creation
    member of literary organizations in the country and abroad
    Prize winner of the World Poetry Almanac, as the merit poet in2010
    Prize winner of Translation of poetry in 2010, by the
    International translation center in China
    published books in the country and abroad

    _This is the only and really only time I introduce myself, for you
    to know me better.  as time passes and those things are sometimes
    for boasting and merely for the ego. However I felt that I should
    show some of my experience and things I do. I am now retired but
    still have these offices.Once I told you and no more, as vanity
    takes its toll

    . Be blessed all of you for your endeavor  to bring peace into
    this world of chaos. Especially in my part of the world.

    Thank you


    /*Muhammad Yunus Khan
    /*Literary name: "Yunus Havaida"
    /*Member: Global Harmony Association (GHA),
    /*GHA  Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament
    /*from Harmony,
    /*Chairman, Urdu,Sindhi Adabi Foundation,
    Karachi, Pakistan.


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