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Dear Hedva
I came from Malaysia where Maurus gave me two copies (One for you) of his
new book with a poem translated by you
Love and warm regards
Ernesto Kahan

2013/11/11 Hedva Bachrach <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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> break peace by new settlements  Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 23:18:03 +0200  From:
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> On 31/10/2013 12:11, moriikae wrote:
>  *Many of us, including me, oppose the settlement policy. There are only
> two reasons that might justify a part of this thought, that the west bank
> comes into Israel 22 km from the sea, and we have had an enormous number of
> su**icide bombers during the years, and the second is that **there are a
> lot of *
> *Hamas cells in the west bank and the rule of the nowadays government is
> not assured, and we don't want hamas missiles coming from the west bank
> like they come from Gaza . Otherwise, you are right - the expansion of
> settlements is not good. But don't forget that those 100 people israel is
> about to release are killers with blood on their hands, and families of the
> killed civilians and soldiers are devastated. However, we need some
> security settlements. The Israeli government offered Abu Mazen some
> exchange of territories, of about 5-7 % of the west bank for 5-7% of
> Israeli territory, for security reasons. some other settlements can remain
> under palestinian rule if their safety is assured, which is doubtful. In
> Israel Arab citizens are mostly university graduates and have 4 parties in
> the parliament. The religious jews have also 4 parties, and the rest are
> non religious. We really hope that the peace talks nowadays would be
> fruitful, but what we hear is that Abu Mazen does not want to recognize
> Israel as a jewish Israeli state, and that he wants to bring back 5 million
> of so called refugees. After the 1948 about 900.000 Palestinians fled
> during the war to Arab States around, and the same number and afterwards
> even more of Jewish people ran for their lives from Arab countries and then
> Magreb Countries, where mobs attacked them . To bring 5 million people
> under the cover of the "right to return" means the demographic destruction
> of Israel, which is 800 km long and has a population of about 8 million
> people, from which about 6 million are hebrews. what is very curious , kae
> morii, that you serve as a palestinian propaganda one sided tool, and every
> time you attack israel without checking facts...  i'm really sorry and
> appalled by this phenomena. Will you finally stop attacking israel. I do
> really hope that these peace talks will succeed. I do really want to see
> two free states, Israel and Palestine, maybe in the future when we grow
> wiser we would form some structure of federation, provided that
> palestinians leave the terror and dont want to kill our civil population
> and don't kidnap our soldiers, and then send the video of the beheading of
> a soldier to his family!! Palestinians should stop terror and we should
> stop army retaliations. *
> *Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach *
>   Israel release 26 and 26 Palestine prizoners instead of the 1500 and
> 2000 new settlements, which would question on Israel. and put the risk to
> break peace.
> Peace is the way for better future.
> Kae Morii
> The 30th, [October 31 AFP] Israel government East Jerusalem (a few hours
> after you *release 26 Palestinian* inmates East 
> Jerusalem<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22East%20Jerusalem%22>about
>  what has announced it will approve the construction of*
> 1,500 units of new settlement housing* in), the Palestinian same day, the
> government has criticized Israel as being trying to rupture the Middle East
> peace talks.
> (Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud 
> Abbas<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Mahmud%20Abbas%22>spokesman)
>  chairman, Nabil Abu Rudeina ( Nabil
> Abu 
> Rudeina<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Nabil%20Abu%20Rudeina%22>decision
>  of the Israeli government, as well as ruin the "peace process,)
> Mr. Israel international law in the international community said, "but
> action to send a message that a country that does not respect.
> West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (plans to build a new
> settlement housing in the same area is a Palestinian residence, the 21
> inmates is the Israeli government West 
> Bank<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22West%20Bank%22>in), 
> (Gaza five Gaza
> Strip 
> <http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Gaza%20Strip%22>release 
> because it attributed to) It was reported by the Israeli media
> immediately after.
> For coverage of AFP, Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli government officials then 
> Benjamin
> Netanyahu<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Benjamin%20Netanyahu%22>Gidon
>  Searle and) Prime Minister ( Gideon
> Saar <http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Gideon%20Saar%22> )
> interior minister, made it clear that it "had already agreed to the
> construction plan of four in Jerusalem" .
> A series of movements of this time, appears to have reproduced the events
> of August 13 this year. Also in this case, to *release 26 Palestinian*inmates 
> first, the Israeli government had announced plans to *build
> settlement housing units in 2000 *than in the center east Jerusalem.
> Islamic fundamentalist organization Hamas to effective control the Gaza
> Strip of the Palestinian territories ( 
> Hamas<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Hamas%22>is), 
> Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas to receive the
> support of the Western ( Palestinian 
> Authority<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Palestinian%20Authority%22>posture)
>  is as accelerated the settlement activities of Israel, to
> self-government I'm seeking the suspension of peace talks. Similarly, the
> United States is a major ally of Israel showed the idea of opposition to
> settlement ever. United Nations ( 
> UN<http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22UN%22>(Pan Ki-moon, Ban 
> Ki-moon of) Ban
> Ki-moon 
> <http://keywalker.afpbb.com/headline/search?q=%22Ban%20Ki-moon%22>while 
> welcomed the release of prisoners,) Secretary-General, showed the
> idea to oppose the construction of settlement housing. (C) AFP / Steve
> Weizman

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