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Worth a careful reading...

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Subject: Parallel Egyptian
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Dear Ahmed and Sherif,

Thank you both for the invitation to attend a meeting on developing a
Parallel Constitution for Egypt.  Great idea.  Sorry, I'll be in
Connecticut on Saturday.

Below is a Preamble developed mainly by Bob Crane and me for a Proposed
Abraham Federation to address the Israeli-Palestinian dispute over the Holy
Land that might be appropriate for developing an Egypt Parallel


All sovereignty derives from the highest sovereignty of the Divine Creator
and Sustainer and begins with the individual person.

This inalienable sovereignty of the person bestows on every man, woman, and
child basic duties to respect and to enjoy universal justice in the form of
inalienable human rights.  These rights, enshrined in the universal
principles of natural law and in the transcendent law of every world
religion, consist of freedom of religion (haqq al din); life (haqq al
haya); family and community (haqq al nasl); private, individual ownership
of society's wealth-producing assets (haqq al mal); self-determination
through political freedom (haqq al hurriya); gender equity (haqq al
karama); and freedom to pursue knowledge (haqq al 'ilm).

    Freedom of religion requires not mere tolerance of diverse beliefs and
spiritual paths but true pluralism by acknowledging the legitimacy of
different faith traditions in the plan of God so that members can learn
from each other in the knowledge that they all have much to offer in
advancing everyone's spiritual lives, moral development, and fullest
creative potential.

    Respect for life requires the pursuit of peace through justice.

    Respect for the family requires support of the nuclear family as the
bedrock of society and respect for the communities that derive their value
from the families that compose them.

    Respect for individual private ownership requires institutional means
to promote economic justice and material well-being by:

    1) enforcing contracts, protecting property, and expanding to all
persons and families equal opportunity to participate both as workers and
as owners in the creation of wealth, sharing of profits, and in the control
over technology and productive enterprises;

    2) encouraging a freely competitive marketplace for determining just
prices, just wages, and just profits;

    3) maintaining a just monetary system for creating no-interest money
for expanding ownership of productive property, a fair tax system that
encourages productive activity, and inheritance laws that discourage
private monopolies of power, privilege, and wealth; and

    4) restraining government from ownership of natural resources or in the
means of production where such property could be owned broadly by the
people, or from abusing its otherwise legitimate monopoly of coercive
powers in violation of fundamental economic and social rights;

    Respect for self-determination of persons, of communities, and of the
nation requires political institutions to secure representative government
(shura and ijma), federalism, and an independent judiciary.

    Respect for gender equity requires freedom for women to fulfill their
unique responsibilities and to enjoy equal rights with men in all walks of

    Respect for knowledge requires freedom of thought, speech, and
association, subject to the other human rights outlined in this preamble.

We the People of Egypt, do hereby proclaim these human responsibilities and
rights as the fundamental framework and guidance for this Constitution as
the Supreme Law of the land.

Proposed by Dr.Norman G. Kurland, Center for Economic and Social Justice
September 17, 2013, Washington, D.C.

Norman G. Kurland, J.D.
Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)
P.O. Box 40711, Washington, DC 20016
(O) 703-243-5155, (F) 703-243-5935
(E) thirdway@xxxxxxxx
(Web) http://www.cesj.org

"Own or be owned."

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