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Dearest Muhammad Yunus Khan, dear all
All my admiration and faith in your work and your new book, I wished to read!
2013)..ARGENTINA:In Buenos Aires-Argentina...The rise of microfinance, we must 
move to "La Salada". A person, Dr. Victor Ruilova, seeing as multiplying the 
jobs in 2000, he got the idea of transferring the financial experience of the 
FIE (inspired by Mohammed Yunus bangladese) and named  FIE great power. "La 
Salada" was rated from social science as "the mall of the poor." Now banks are 
interested in this traditional and put their interest to this kind of business 
..  People Quechua and Aymara type have economic and commercial smell amazing 
...Now the situation is very different, some Bank launched their products and 
FIE moved to this group of people migrant, casual, productive, and 
"Every day we see the two faces of the insult. Power and Poverty. How to live 
in Peace and conquer this battle: Human Injustice"... S,Roberts.( the flight 
bird-el vuelo del ave)

From my Book Faces-Rostros -2005
I WroteThere are places in the world, where poor people overflow natural 
borders, dragged along by hunger, the ones chase the others, and the others try 
to defend themselves and flee . there won't be winners or loosers, there is 
only room for Hope.

I have the chance to resend you my email DATED IN 2006 when I got the news 
about your recognition honored as Nobel Peace Prize..I wrote this email to all 
my contacts in Argentina and Sudamerica.
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Subject: Re: [congresopoesia2] Mohammad Yunus

Argentina- 16 de octubre de 2006 Querida Susana:Agradezco tus aportes, 
absolutamente  positivos. Tu sensible capacidad para captar  le esencia  en lo 
cotidiano. Tu labor  de hormiga y esa óptica  admirable, hacen de ti una 
luchadora visionaria y muy necesaria.Con Amor desde ALAS ROTAS.Silvia Aida 

susana roberts <roberts_susana@xxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:Queridos poetas, 
escritores, amigos...

En este Día de la Madre en nuestro pais Argentina, comparto con ustedes una 
mirada nueva de muchas mujeres y hombres que en la pobreza estan viviendo 
existe la  esperanza de un cambio para mejorar esta sociedad ,esa de la que 
me angustiaba cuando en mi libro Rostros-Faces  cito a la pobreza como el 
mal que cruza las fronteras y la miseria arrasa ante la falta de esperanza.

Puedo decir ahora que se ha abierto una puerta a ese  mundo despues que un 
grande de la humanidad  fuera reconocido por el"Premio Nobel de la Paz 2006" 
  por su  conducta humanitaria  donde llevó a ese plano todo su saber . Se 
puede deci hoy en día o desde hace rato que Mohammed Yunus es merecedor del 
mas alto respeto y honor por el resto de nosotros, actitud y actividad la de 
él que es ampliamente aplicada en otros continentes.

Sabemos que Mohammad Yunus fundador del Grammen Bank dió créditos a los 
pobres sin garantías y sin intereses para mejorar el plano economico y 
social desde abajo .Todo comenzó allá en el 1976 cuando prestó 27 dolares a 
42 mujeres en el poblado cerca de su casa en Chittagong..Yunus persuadió al 
gerente local para ofrecerle créditos..hoy en día el Banco desembolsa 
millones de dolares por mes, 6,6millones de acreedores de los cuales 96% son 

Muhammad no se disculpa por no dar limosna a los mendigos..el creía que 
debía ayudarlos a crecer economicamente, no podía soportar que durante sus 
estudios en  los Estados Unidos mientras  el daba teorías  economicas 
elegantes, la gente se moría por las calles en Bangladesh... en 1974 se odió 
a sí mismo.
Se dijo los pobres seran mis maestros, declaró publicamente: no me importa 
si los ricos se hacen más ricos..me preocupa que los pobres se hagan cada 
vez mas pobres..ellos son la base de la sociedad.

Según propias declaraciones: Decidí que debía renunciar a todo lo aprendido 
en las aulas para intentar ser simplemente un ser humano y buscar el modo de 
ser útil a otro ser humano".

Como decirle a Mohammad gracias por ese humanismo demostrado que traspasa 
limites. Cómo ser imitadores en nuestra actividad diaria. Cómo poder 
festejar este día sino es con una mano en el corazón y la esperanza que nos 
deja este hombre donde la pobreza puede lentamente ser revertida y que cada 
madre tenga algo mas en el plato de sus hijos cada día, y que este y  los 
demás países  tomen conciencia de que se puede cambiar la situación 
economica con un poco mas de humanidad.

Les dejo un  abrazo enorme a todas las madres dentro y fuera de este país 
donde mi brazos se extiendan con el significado claro que estamos juntas en 
una lucha que no se termina facilmente donde a la esperanza hay que ayudarla 
diariamente con un gran caudal de conducta y conciencia del bien ..y a mi 
tampoco me molesta que los ricos se hagan más ricos como dice Mohammad y que 
cada cual viva como quiera, me molesta  la indiferencia y la discriminacion 
...donde una pequeña toma de conciencia nos sirva de aliento y reflexión en 
este día.

Mis mejores intenciones y respetos,

Susana Roberts

Dear Poets, writers, friends,
Today, the Mothers's day in Argentina I share with you a new glance about women 
and men who are living in poverty. There is a hope and a change for them. In my 
 book"Faces", there, I wrote about poverty as an illness crossing frontiers 
without hope.
I can say that a new door is open to the world after  an event like this..a 
great man of the humanity was reconized with the Peace nobel Prize 2006", he 
took all his knowledges to the area of humanism. We can say today that this man 
 Mohammad Yunus has the highest  honour and reconiztion , his work is followed 
in others countries.
We know that Mohammad Yunus is the founder of the Grammen Bank, he gave credits 
to the poors without garanties nor interest trying to restablish the economic 
and social situations from the most depressed levels. All begun during the year 
1976 when he lend 27 dolars to 42 women in a town near Chittagong where he 
lived...Yunus persuaded  the local manager  to offer credits..Today the Bank 
send millons of dollars per month. 6,6 millons of creditors, the 96% are women..
Muhammad dont ask for apologize he didnt gave a coin to a beggar, he believes 
he has to help them to increase economicaly . He spent his time very anxious 
during his studies in the United States meanwhile he was studying elegant 
economics theorics and the people were dying in the streets of Bangladesh..He 
told himself that poors will be my teachers and he declared: Never mind for me 
if the rich became more rich ...all my concern are the poors dont became more 
poors..they are the base of the society.His own declarations are : I decided I 
have to take out  all I have learned in the clasroom of High Universities to 
attempt to be simply a human being and look for the way to help another.
How can I say to Mohammad thank you for this Humanism he has and crossed  
bounders. How we can  be the imitators in our daily work. How to offer him this 
day only I can do with a hand in my heart and the hope this man leave us where 
the poverty could be slowly revert and each woman would has something more for 
her children to eat each day in this and in  others countries, they have to 
take his example and consciense all this is posible. A real  change in the 
economic situation with only a few more of humanity.
Now I leave you a big hug to all the mothers in and out of this country. My 
arms are extending with the clear meaning we are together in this fight that no 
end easily and the hope needs some help with our daily behaivor and good acts 
....Neither to me disturb the rich became more rich like Mohammad said,   that 
everyone live as they want, That disturb me is the indifference and 
discrimination . A small reflection is suitable in this day.
With good intentions and respect,
Susana RobertsArgentina,.
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From: M. Yunus Khan

To:    GHA (Global Harmony Association.


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From: Muhammad Yunus Khan  <yunushavaida@xxxxxxxxx>

Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2013.

To:    Dr.Leo Semashko

        Leo Semashko:

        State Councillor of St. Petersburg,

        Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
        Director: Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
        Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA);
        Director, GHA  website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org

        World Interfaith Harmony Project on the ABC of Harmony Base:



                                                 OUR COOPERATION 
                                   ECONOMIC CHALLENGES OR ECONOMIC
                                                  WAR FARE TODAY


         Very humbly Sir:  I have gone through so many correspondence.
         I have prepared MEMOIR which is self - explanatory.


                                  OUR COOPERATION 

                                      WAR FARE TODAY

                    Contents of a New Book GHA dedicated 
                             Global Peace Science(GPS)
                        contains in the section / chapter on 

                                   Economic Justice

         Principles of Economic and Social Justice in Global Peace Science 

         Definitions of Economics:  In brief:

         Economics is a study of the Economic problems of people living in a 
         Some ancient writers defined Economic as the science of wealth. Adam 

         the father of Modern Economics theory defined Economics as a subject 
         was concerned with "an enquiry into the nature and causes of the 
wealth of Nations".

         This definition gave rise to serious misconceptions, specially at the 
hands of Carlyle,
         Ruskin and other literary writers of the 19th century and after.

         The popular meaning of wealth is riches or an abundance of money. So 
it was thought

         that Economics was concerned only with the acquisition of riches or 
money. As such,
         it was regarded as a "dismal science".

         Is Economics a science? For a time in the past there was some 
controversy over the

         question whether Economics is a science or an art.

         The claims of Economics to be regarded as a science, has been denied 
on  the ground
         that the materials which form the basis of Economic studies are not 
capable of yielding 

         universally valid general laws.

         At this stage synopsis of the new book may be floated? 

         Muhammad Yunus Khan

         Literary Name: 'Yunus Havaida'    
         Member: Global Harmony Association (GHA )






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