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>   *Dear Hedva,*
> *I agree with you!  All people must be living in Peace.*
> *For all children of the middle east that fell on the stupid battle fields
> ; Israelis, Palestinians,Syrians, Curds..and even in Egypt... enough!*
>  Love, Kae Morii[image: バラ]
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> hedva, and thank you for your peace efforts
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> *I allow myself to express some personal feelings about war and peace, and
> to say that God bless you Leo semashko and you all, for the brave effort to
> create a better world, a sane world , with people taking care of each other
> and not killing one another..About war;  *
> * I went to meet the war   And I met a child, who was told and whispered
> to, and talked to and  said and said   and laughed and kicked and whistled
> and shouted   And I met a boy who was told, and whispered to,  And said to
> and talked to,   and he laughed and was angry with and shrieked and
> hollered   I met a man who was angry, and twisted and was  sneaking  and
> stood rigid and said and talked and roared and shrieked and whistled and
> whispered and said…   A child with a gun made of plastic, a boy with a
> kalatchnikov rifle and a man with a rocket on his shoulder.. They carry
> and load  and tarry in twisted croed dark corners, with heavy solid- scrap
> metal which drags its chains and the inner joints of  a child, a boy, a
> man…. Imprisoned in Ali-Baba's jars - not of clay but of metal….   Until
> steel penetrated their eyes, their hands, their brain… into the curving
> neurons the metal infused.. space bionic  creatures, supermen .. offsprings
> of melted sharpnels, of uranium earth clods..   And they move forth and
> back in the intercourse of flesh and metal, move, throw, knock, aim
> multitudes of  hard semen faraway into the flesh womb - into the burning
> horizon which kindles, burns its lust..   Suns explode.. super nova - and
> they are trapped, fused into motion, the hurl, the sprinkle of man's semen
> which carry the storm of flaming dust particles which burn… and burn… and
> burnnnn…   Nobody listened.. nobody heard The  distant echo of an ancient
> decree   Thou shalt not make a god of iron!  And all he wanted were her
> nipples, her breasts and her …For all children of the middle east that fell
> on the stupid battle fields ; Israelis, Palestinians,Syrians, Curds..and
> even in Egypt... enough!*
> *
>                                          Walked on Clouds
>                                          My child Went on a floating cloud.
>   Came down from the summit, To where? From beyond?   The cloud Embraces a
> branch-trembles-strikes- Caresses the mountain's curves and lips Rocks and
> stones   My child went on a damp cloud.   The soles of his feet filled with
> brilliant drops  From a sunbeam that entered and patted And enriched our
> heritage, our hopes   My child   Strode on the cloud, in haze. I cut a path
> and looked throughout the storm's clouds, In the devouring winds that open
> their empty maws. Perhaps my child stopped? Found a hug in a welcome
> breast?   Where is my child of clouds, his shiny feet Perhaps slipped from
> the evasive cloud, So dim? Perhaps all the yearning of the earth's vapors
> Turned into heavy drops, droplets, tears? To an answer so salty, dripping…
> Has my child became, rain?? My God, my God   If he will be a cloud, who
> changes form, Perhaps my child's face will be revealed as light?   Perhaps
> I'll feel His myriad faces in the drops That from the heavens  pour With
> kisses   Pure    *Hedva Rabinson Bachrach
>  Subject: [gha] Re: Israel withdrew the new settlement plan Date: Wed, 13
> Nov 2013 22:13:23 +0200 From: Hedva Bachrach
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> On 13/11/2013 08:10, moriikae wrote:
>  Dear Hedva,  *Dear Kae,*
> *I'd like to explain what happened, after we finally understood, as *
> *we. the population here, were pretty shocked when I've heard this on
> France 24 news net. As only now, in our news, there was an
> explanation.Well, our coalition is made by the following parties in our
> government. Netanyahu , the prime minister, needs a coalition from the
> right and from the left, to maintain a balanced government, with one or two
> more parties, who are sane.. After taking out the religious parties, and
> making the "Yesh Atid" the Yair Lapid's party - they want to limit the
> power of the religious parties, but the right wing party he made enter the
> government was the "bait Hayehudy" who has a lot of settlers within, and
> the Minister of housing is a settler. His name is uriel. Yair Lapid is the
> treasury minister and Zippi Livni, one of the good figures of a third party
> (there is one fourth, but a small one) is the Minister of Justice, and she
> is also the head of the negotiating team with the Palestinians. Uriel , the
> settler, blew up a bloon of addition of thousands of houses, which he
> presented as a plan, not as a finished fact, as settlers obviously want to
> keep their settlements and do not like the negociations, while the majority
> of Israelis, except this group, want peace so much. I am a mother of a
> wounded soldier. Thanks God he recovered, his friends didn't. Still both my
> son's families, my other daughters and us - we crave for peace, as do the
> majority of Israelis. *
> *As I said, the housing minister blew up the baloon, in the middle of
> negociations probably with the purpose of harming them.  And the Media nets
> did not wait, nor checked the facts, and presented it. However, when
> Netanyahu, the Prime minister. heard about it - as it was proclaimed
> without his approval, he was furious, and immediately canceled it. The
> Media damage was already done.The negociations are not simple. We, the
> public, do not know everything - what we know is about the Palestinian
> refusal to give up the " right of return" in which they want to bring 5
> million people, in other words to undermine our demography, although we
> have 47%  of our population, the second generation of refugees that fled
> from Arab and Magreb countries for their life .  **They also do not want
> to recognize us as a legitimate Israeli Jewish state. They are very
> difficult in this. On our part , have difficulties with the settlements, as
> we want security points, and the Palestinians don't agree to any
> settlement, even under their rule,  although in Israel there are many Arab
> townships and villages who are all Israeli citizens. *T*he settlement
> problem is a very grave problem also to the Israeli Government, as it was
> hard before to take out settlements from the Gaza strip, and before that
> from the Sinai, when we signed an agreement with Egypt ( we evacuated
> settlements from the north of Sinai)  This time it is much harder.* The
> *Supreme Court of Justice always tells to evacuate illegal settlements,
> which are built generally by extreme religious youngsters, and the Army is
> fighting with them to evacuate their huts. *
> *Israel offered an exchange of 5-7% of territory between the two states.
> We do not know the results of negociations, they are very difficult on both
> sides. But do me a favor Kae Morii, I know you personally a little bit, I
> know you are a talented poet and probably a very good woman.   Israel is my
> home, we have no other home in the world.  Please check your data before
> publishing and even ask me, I shall not lie to you. Of course I am
> restricted in knowledge, like many of my countrymen, but we have a truely
> open free media, and a lot of non governmental research open to the public,
> If I don't know I'll tell you straight.All the best to you, and to you
> allDr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach*
> I found now the news that Israel withdrew the new settlement plan .   I
> hope the peace negotiation would go for better future of No War, No Terro,
> and No Bombing.
> Love, Kae Morii[image: バラ]

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