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Dear Hedva,

I agree with you!  All people must be living in Peace.

For all children of the middle east that fell on the stupid battle fields ; 
Israelis, Palestinians,Syrians, Curds..and even in Egypt... enough!

Love, Kae Morii

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and thank you for your peace efforts

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-------- Original Message --------I allow myself to express some personal 
feelings about war and peace, and to say that God bless you Leo semashko and 
you all, for the brave effort to create a better world, a sane world , with 
people taking care of each other and not killing one another..

About war;  

I went to meet the war 


And I met a child, who was told and whispered to, and talked to and  said and 
said   and laughed and kicked and whistled and shouted


And I met a boy who was told, and whispered to,

 And said to and talked to,   and he laughed and was angry with and shrieked 
and hollered


I met a man who was angry, and twisted and was  sneaking  and stood rigid and 
said and talked and roared and shrieked and whistled and whispered and said…


A child with a gun made of plastic, a boy with a kalatchnikov rifle and a man 
with a rocket on his shoulder..

They carry  and load  and tarry in twisted croed dark corners, with heavy 
solid- scrap metal which drags its chains and the inner joints of  a child, a 
boy, a man….

Imprisoned in Ali-Baba's jars – not of clay but of metal….


Until steel penetrated their eyes, their hands, their brain… into the curving 
neurons the metal infused.. space bionic  creatures, supermen .. offsprings of 
melted sharpnels, of uranium earth clods..


And they move forth and back in the intercourse of flesh and metal, move, 
throw, knock, aim  multitudes of  hard semen faraway into the flesh womb – into 
the burning horizon which kindles, burns its lust..


Suns explode.. super nova – and they are trapped, fused into motion, the hurl, 
the sprinkle of man's semen which carry the storm of flaming dust particles 
which burn… and burn… and burnnnn…


Nobody listened.. nobody heard

The  distant echo of an ancient decree


Thou shalt not make a god of iron!


And all he wanted were her nipples, her breasts and her …

For all children of the middle east that fell on the stupid battle fields ; 
Israelis, Palestinians,Syrians, Curds..and even in Egypt... enough!

   Walked on Clouds                                                

 My child

Went on a floating cloud.


Came down from the summit,

To where?

From beyond?


The cloud

Embraces a branch-trembles-strikes-

Caresses the mountain's curves and lips

Rocks and stones


My child went on a damp cloud.


The soles of his feet filled with brilliant drops  

From a sunbeam that entered and patted

And enriched our heritage, our hopes


My child


Strode on the cloud, in haze.

I cut a path and looked throughout the storm's clouds,

In the devouring winds that open their empty maws.

Perhaps my child stopped?

Found a hug in a welcome breast?


Where is my child of clouds, his shiny feet

Perhaps slipped from the evasive cloud,

So dim?

Perhaps all the yearning of the earth's vapors

Turned into heavy drops, droplets, tears?

To an answer so salty, dripping…

Has my child became, rain??

My God, my God 


If he will be a cloud, who changes form,

Perhaps my child's face will be revealed as light?


Perhaps I'll feel

His myriad faces in the drops

That from the heavens  pour

With kisses





Hedva Rabinson Bachrach 


      Subject:  [gha] Re: Israel withdrew the new settlement plan 
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On 13/11/2013 08:10, moriikae wrote:

  Dear Hedva,  Dear Kae,

I'd like to explain what happened, after we finally understood, as we. the 
population here, were pretty shocked when I've heard this on France 24 news 
net. As only now, in our news, there was an explanation.

Well, our coalition is made by the following parties in our government. 
Netanyahu , the prime minister, needs a coalition from the right and from the 
left, to maintain a balanced government, with one or two more parties, who are 
sane.. After taking out the religious parties, and making the "Yesh Atid" the 
Yair Lapid's party - they want to limit the power of the religious parties, but 
the right wing party he made enter the government was the "bait Hayehudy" who 
has a lot of settlers within, and the Minister of housing is a settler. His 
name is uriel. Yair Lapid is the treasury minister and Zippi Livni, one of the 
good figures of a third party (there is one fourth, but a small one) is the 
Minister of Justice, and she is also the head of the negotiating team with the 

Uriel , the settler, blew up a bloon of addition of thousands of houses, which 
he presented as a plan, not as a finished fact, as settlers obviously want to 
keep their settlements and do not like the negociations, while the majority of 
Israelis, except this group, want peace so much. I am a mother of a wounded 
soldier. Thanks God he recovered, his friends didn't. Still both my son's 
families, my other daughters and us - we crave for peace, as do the majority of 

As I said, the housing minister blew up the baloon, in the middle of 
negociations probably with the purpose of harming them.  And the Media nets did 
not wait, nor checked the facts, and presented it. However, when Netanyahu, the 
Prime minister. heard about it - as it was proclaimed without his approval, he 
was furious, and immediately canceled it. The Media damage was already done.

The negociations are not simple. We, the public, do not know everything - what 
we know is about the Palestinian refusal to give up the " right of return" in 
which they want to bring 5 million people, in other words to undermine our 
demography, although we have 47%  of our population, the second generation of 
refugees that fled from Arab and Magreb countries for their life .  They also 
do not want to recognize us as a legitimate Israeli Jewish state. They are very 
difficult in this. On our part , have difficulties with the settlements, as we 
want security points, and the Palestinians don't agree to any settlement, even 
under their rule,  although in Israel there are many Arab townships and 
villages who are all Israeli citizens. The settlement problem is a very grave 
problem also to the Israeli Government, as it was hard before to take out 
settlements from the Gaza strip, and before that from the Sinai, when we signed 
an agreement with Egypt ( we evacuated settlements from the north of Sinai)  
This time it is much harder. The Supreme Court of Justice always tells to 
evacuate illegal settlements, which are built generally by extreme religious 
youngsters, and the Army is fighting with them to evacuate their huts.

  Israel offered an exchange of 5-7% of territory between the two states. 

We do not know the results of negociations, they are very difficult on both 
sides. But do me a favor Kae Morii, I know you personally a little bit, I know 
you are a talented poet and probably a very good woman.   Israel is my home, we 
have no other home in the world.  Please check your data before publishing and 
even ask me, I shall not lie to you. Of course I am restricted in knowledge, 
like many of my countrymen, but we have a truely open free media, and a lot of 
non governmental research open to the public, If I don't know I'll tell you 

All the best to you, and to you all

Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach

  I found now the news that Israel withdrew the new settlement plan .   I hope 
the peace negotiation would go for better future of No War, No Terro, and No 
  Love, Kae Morii

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