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 Dear All,
Namaste Everyone! I am working as a Program officer recently in Peaceservice 
center from 2014. Therefore as to start with this is one of my possibleefforts 
to ground up Guru Chintamani Yogi's effort as he visions of empoweringsociety 
and its dwellers.  It has alwaysbeen Dr. Chintamani Yogi's matter of concern, 
coming from a spiritual andmorally abided family and as he have always 
visualize for a better society,providing value based education, common goods, 
partnership, and  empowering the minorities.

Therefore this is just a small effort to give his works and mission to a shape 
of a newsletter for strengthening network and a medium of sharing. since this 
is my first effort please forbid the blunders. 
Newsletter will be published every month from the following.Please find the 
attachments !
Best Regards !Kriti Giri Yogi Program OfficerPeace Service CenterKathmandu/ 




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