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Dear Celia, dear all
Thank you so much for your story , it reveals the actual society and as you 
pointed the ignorance to change to another step more fruitful and harmonious 
for all .
thank you so much for sharing it.
As I said in my last book- We have to start to learn again the meaning of human 
love, as the first  priority in our evolution.
MY CONTRIBUTION -( in teh pic. Roses in Harmony-from my garden)... 

Love as the first precept of spiritual culture, its existence is the light that 
energizes us, makes us laugh, mourn or pity, a feeling that we bring from 
birth, beyond the umbilical cord is not simply generated in DNA and parental 
love to give up birth to us ,but something more supreme, we develop innate or 
not, it is a feeling ,something where words do not fit the deep explanation 
that deserves , which is kindness and constantly giving us welfare, if we 
obtain it as a standart behavior we obtain happiness, harmony and sometimes we 
accuse this feeling of happiness is short or are states of intervals, and ¡how 
difficult is to install it in little things everyday! ,  the materials things 
have overcome us, and it is sad to say 
 Love is the basic law that protects humans and nature, all the beauty of our 
existence should spring and grow in love, tolerance and harmony are 
manifestations of love. We are beings of love,  we become loving and respectful 
beings is a hardest item nowdays  but this is the most beneficial at all 
levels, so we must learn to love again and I quote in my books.
 Each of us bring love  innately, depending on how this concept has grown 
within us because the lack-excess growth and flight together as the environment 
and many additives  make the person is complete or not. It depends on becoming 
aware of Love  existence as a divine gift to care for, and show it to 
circulate, the love of a mother to her child in her womb  is an unconditional 
love during all her  life but it is necessary that  mothers give milk and 
honey, not only to feed the child but be  a sweet person  giving happiness that 
nurtures the child while growing, so this creates the base  of the fondness and 
safety in children, when adults are identified,  joined or separated from 
others by love. They,  
who have received  complete food,  become missionaries for others , Life is a 
constant learning: a mother's love is the Greater Love, understood as a  state, 
in which one gives and the other receives uncontidional love.
There are many ways to express love, brotherly love, erotic love, love  between 
parents and children, but always it is a way to give , the person gives of 
itself is the most precious expression of the self, that does not mean 
sacrificing  life for another, but gives what is alive inside the being, the 
joy, interest, understanding, humor, sadness, all expressions and 
manifestations of that which is alive inside, and he makes as a giver who 
shares the joy with others,and both share the joy of what they have created.
Karl Marx tells us in his book "Die Frühschriften" -1844, if our love does not 
produce love, but is an expression of real life individual, do we not become 
loved ones, then our love is impotent, but not always means loving-receive it 
can also be a demostration in productive, reciprocal and shared tasks. The 
active nature of love requires care, responsibility, respect and knowledge, 
thus we can aspire to the growth of what we create. In the Bible..God tells 
Jonah that love is "to work for something" and "grow" in what one loves.
 The love between equals, even brotherly love as equals ,certainly we are not 
equal, we all need help, to develop love for others tests our capacity to love 
severally  and develop brotherly love and love ourself-
There are a lot and is endless to talk about love and join the concept of many 
scholars according to their period of life, experiences, etc,. I reflect  how 
to be sensitive and transparent to continue getting to know our inner self, be 
sensitive to the internal-external reality, conscious to human development, to 
achieve  be mature and loving  person, do not neglect the body processes and 
aches, sensitivity  warns us both states, all the  comprehensible each others 
and interact in the process with patience during emergencies.
Love requires faith and courage every day, have faith to raise a child, to 
perform everyday tasks, love means gives yourself completely with the hope to 
produce love in the loved person
 To Analyze today the subject of love  in this reflection when we are not 
living  a today's world of long-awaited aspiration of  Unit, but a world 
without faith, full of individualism where love requires protection where and 
no more has  to become a preaching to discover, because we bring it  implicit 
in ourselves and the society should be organized as a mean that the social 
nature of man and love be not separate from its existence  but in  oneness  and 
do not exclude the basic need of the nature of man; A obscured  need in this 
time of today where the presence of love is debatable, I have faith that love 
will give us a surprise, no more  separatism nor exclusion.
People from China and India are admired for their deep spiritual sources which 
have led Love to complacency and meditation, that shows me that every culture 
has a stamp printed in the loving base of people beyond the religious, they 
have been organized in that environment, understand and love each other as a 
Unity is to evolve our likeness and transcend loving mankind, it can do only a 
spirit of faith, free and bound to the nature of its existence that has 
pondered the real importance of life itself, bringing love without waiting, 
trying  life with courage and faith and arousing a smile to the angels although 
"the desert grows" (Nietzsche) at this event incomunicated  of communications 
that at least one has to be, to talk , who to smile, or who to mourn.
I am sending my eternal love in this text like  a postcard to everyone in this 
network communications, with my love of art as a precept that communicates and 
educates, I believe it is important EVERY DAY where thoughts are stuck to the 
heart of people to feel that Love is infinite, I have  faith that the future 
generation take care and rescue with intelligence the meaning of love, which 
dignify with intensity, love to parents, to children, the elderly, the poor, 
the sick, the helpless , the innocent, the ignorant, the orphans, the lonely, 
the abandoned, to nature, to every ray of sun each day, to each breath, to each 
anxiety, to each valid response... with love ....
Susana Roberts

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Dear friends from GHA,
         This story crossed my imagination this morning. I want to share it 
with you .
      Thank you. Please see attachment.
in friendship ,

Celia Altschuler, Acting President, GHA-LAC,
GHA Ambassador for Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in LAC,
Artist, Poet, Translator,
French Professor, Media Producer,
Address: Parguera, Puerto Rico 
Phone: 787-462-1031
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