[gha] Democracy in Egypt

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 14:47:17 +0900

Democracy is Non-violence way.   The election to hear people’s willing should 
be respected.   If people want the change, it needs Election.   
What happened in Egypt now,  looks Coup detat, and when we watched the army 
calling ‘ anti-terrorists’ fired and killed non-violent citizens (supporters 
for the former president Mursi’), we can’t understand ‘which is terrorists?’
Why the coup detat happened?    The Mursi policy would have some mistake, and 
he should have taken harmonious policy.   However at the moment that the Egypt 
army fired against their citizens, they lost their dignity of Egypt.    If the 
person with weapon be allowed to kill a person without weapon,  there is 
nothing of Democracy.
Democracy is the high level idea.    In history, Force has sometimes crushed 
the democracy and went to the war.   If we are controlled by army, we can’t say 
The army would also lose their good way to collective willing of nations.
Now Egypt Army should take back their dignity to guard all life of national 
people in fair.    
Love, Kae Morii

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