[gha] Re: Children are also my priority

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  • Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 22:58:11 -0700 (PDT)

Namaste friends
Thanksss a lot again
we love to be connected with anyone who are working with children with concept 
of promoting Human Values... especially pls let us know if you have any 
particular interest to serve the under privileged children of developing 
countries like Nepal. Children are our HOPE.... Thank you friends.
cm yogi

 From: Takis Ioannides <takis.ioannides@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>; Leo Semashko 
Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013 5:19 PM
Subject: [gha] Re: Children are also my priority

Dear Leo and members of GHA,

        I do remember the first note Leo sent me approximatelly nine years ago 
his IDEA-VISION  for the creation of the GHA, with PRIORITY TO CHILDREN. And 
I keep in hand the new book of GHA, "The ABC of Harmony", with priority to the 
cell of our global community,
to the future of humannity, to the children of Planet Earth.
       it's our great responsibility nowadays, to advertise and promote this 
valuable, accurate and safe tool of education to humans and oganizations 
involved with CHILDREN, worldwide. 
        We have to teach the CHILD properly, to cultivate the civilization of 
his soul and the civilization of his conscientiousness. To get  the safe 
directions in his mind, with the scientific method of ABC of Harmony. 
        The CHILD living worldwide must learn that if someone wants to be named 
a REAL HUMAN, he must know how to behave like a REAL HUMAN. Only via this 
method we shall manage to create a REAL CIVILIZATION in the generation to come. 
        Or else, the humanism remains a book page and not a manner of living 
and expression of LIFE.

With Hamronious Wishes, Respect and Love

Dr Takis Ioannides
Poet, writer, philosopher,
Pensioner of IBM Hellas sa
Trustee of Maniatakeion Foundation in Greece
Member of the Executive Board of ESTIA of New Snyrna Foundation in Greece 
Citizen of Planet Earth
student of this LIFE!   

2013/6/27 celia altschuler <psoleil5@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear all, 
>       As some of my friends I also believe that children should be number one 
>in our Peace and Harmony communication list. It is our responsibility to leave 
>a better world for them. But not only must we teach Peace and Harmony, we must 
>also set an example and live up to it. It's a pretty effective way and you see 
>good results in the long run.  
>The ABC of Harmony for Children's Education is an accurate approach for the so 
>needed change that will result in great benefit for all humanity and also the 
>Thank you, 
>Celia Altschuler,  
>Acting President, GHA-LAC,
>GHA Ambassador for Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in LAC,
>Artist, Poet, Translator,
>French Professor, Media Producer,
>Address: Parguera, Puerto Rico 
>Phone: 787-462-1031
>Email: psoleil5@xxxxxxxxx

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