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Dear Dr. Leo Semashko,


We have great pleasure to extend our greetings and good wishes to you from
ISOL Foundation, New Delhi. *I take this opportunity to thank you again to
be the part of International Advisory Committee of ISOL 2015 in Chicago.*

Towards the last decades of the twentieth century, there was a major drift
in the attitudes and behavior of Organizations, organs of government,
corporate, business houses and in every sphere of life that deviated from
established societal norms, ethics  and public accountability.  Millions
became victims of financial trading and over flooding of goods dumped in
the markets. Business practices took a U turn in creating demand for what
they create than creating what had demand. It worked in some areas for some
time, but utterly failed in many segments. More than market stagnation,
dumping created scarcity in market spaces and revenue returns to the
financial institutions, whereby, decapitation of currency became
inevitable, leading to huge fiscal deficits and imbalances in federal
reserve of many leading nations. Collapse of government's fiscal machinery,
led to undue behavior in the policy making, thus, surfaced the
misappropriations and corrupt practices of policy makers and delivering
systems, leading to public discontent and mass movements. Political
stability of many smaller and medium states turned out to be a big question.

All these made many of us think on the reasons, as to why the theories of
modern business management schools failed in less than half a century.

This led to the setting up of the Trust -*Integrating Spirituality in
Organizational Leadership Foundation* (ISOL Foundation).

The modern business theories in the race of its applicability for financial
gains have lost touch with its basic tenets of moral, spiritual and ethical
values. The values that religions have infused into the humanity were

Here, at this crucial juncture, we look forward integrating the religious
institutions in integrated development and applications of spirituality and
ethics in developing a consensus on Human Consciousness in Management

*The world Parliament of Religions in 1893 was the first attempt to bring
the east - west spiritual traditions at one platform to discuss the
problems of the world. In 19th Century in India a Sage - Sri Ramakrishna
Paramhansa (the spiritual master of Swami Vivekananda who was one of the
speakers in the 1893 World Congress) after practicing all the religions
boldly declare - As many views so many paths but God is one and talked
about fellowship of religion for the religion of humanity. This is the core
of the initiatives taken by ISOL Foundation*.

Way back in 2007, the Foundation had launched a Series of International
Conferences on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership.
Since then, every alternate year, we have been organizing this mega event:
2007, 2009, 2011, & 2013 and 2015 is planned at the Fullerton Hall, The Art
Institute Chicago.

 We at ISOL Foundation attempt to rekindle the same philosophy in the minds
of people by including academicians, environmentalists, spiritualists,
thinkers, scientists and representations from business houses, business
associations and civil societies on the same platform to discuss the
subject- "*Spirituality for Global Economic Development*" *during ISOL 2015
in Chicago.*



TRACK 1 : Spiritually Oriented Leadership Practices in Big and Grass Root

TRACK  2 : Spiritual Values in Business and Governance

TRACK  3 : Virtue Based Organizational Processes

TRACK  4 : Culture, Civilizations & Trade

TRACK  5 : Monasticism and Organizational Leadership

TRACK  6: Spirituality for Social Innovations & Social Change

TRACK  7: Spiritual Dimension of Sustainable Development & Eco System

TRACK  8: Women Leadership and Global Economic Development

TRACK 9 : Unity and Social Harmony for Global Economic Development

TRACK 10: Transitions in Spirituality and Future of Humanity

*I take this opportunity to request you to circulate this information to
your mailing list.*

With regards,

Sunita Singh Sengupta
*In the service of Sri Ramakrishna!*


*Sunita Singh Sengupta, Ph.D.*
Homi Bhabha Fellow
Formerly Professor of Behavioural Sciences, IIM Calcutta
Currently Professor of Organizational Behaviour
Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi (www.fms.edu)
Delhi - 110 007

*Founder & Honorary Convener*
Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Foundation
ISOL Research Foundation (www.isolresearchfoundation.org)
Vedic Foundations of Indian Management(www.vfim.co.in)
ISOL Center For Consciousness Studies (www.iccs.co.in)
Academy of Value Based Management (www.academyofvaluebasedmanagement.co.in)

*Administrative Office:*

C-17, Raj International Business Centre,
Gurunanak Pura, Laxminagar, Near Scope Minar
Delhi-110 092

*Contact Details:*

Cell Number: 91+9873167484, 91+9873167405
Residence No. 011 27662844

Email:               sunita.singhsengupta@xxxxxxx
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*Welcome to The 5th International Conference on Integrating Spirituality
and Organizational Leadership in Chicago during September 10-15, 2015* (

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