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Dr. Semashko:

There can be no lasting peace or true harmony without justice. Your undeserved public accusations and uncalled-for actions against Drs. Kurland and Crane do not bear any semblance to justice, truth or love.

I shudder to think of life under your brand of "harmony."

Please remove immediately my email address (dbrohawn@xxxxxxxx) from your lists.

Thank you.
Dawn Brohawn

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On 6/2/13 1:10 PM, Leo Semashko wrote:
CSSS Program, To Approve before June 4, 2013 Dear GHA Members,

*I happy to invite you to approve by your YES (support) or NOT (no support) _up to June 4_ inclusively the GHA new unprecedented project (26 pages), which is published here: _www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=579_. Your silence will be yes also, because the value of this project is evident.

*The project is titled: "/Comparative Sociological Statistical Study (CSSS). Dynamics of the Global Social Structure of Spheral Classes of Population: An Example of India, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan since 1950 by Decades. Development of Social Harmony, Economic Justice, Democracy and Spirituality/."

The 18 participants-analysts from 10 countries discussed this project since May 24 and approved it. Them list is to look at the site. New members are welcome to CSSS.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to all CSSS members for their support and participation in this unique global project. This is a group of CSSS analysts, which will be supplemented by statisticians. They will make professional statistical study, which will be the empirical basis for CSSS analytical articles.

What are the main facts and results of the CSSS Program discussion since May 24?

1. Project participants approved the CSSS following Board of Directors as its supreme body:

 1. *Dr. Leo Semashko*, Chair of CSSS Board of Directors, Manager,
    Editor in Chief and Treasurer of CSSS, Russia.
 2. *Prof. Glen Martin*, President, Institute of Global Problems
    (IGP), USA,
 3. *Prof. Charles Mercieca*, President, International Association of
    Educators for World Peace, USA
 4. *Dr.**Bruce Cook*, GHA-USA President, Director of CSSS Publishing
    and Editorial teams.
 5. *Prof. Subhash Chandra*, Convener, Global Peace Foundation (GPF),
 6. *Prof. Subhash Sharma*, Director, Indus Business Academy (IBA), India,
 7. *Dr. Surendra Pathak*, Director Research, IASE University, India,
 8. *Dr. Uraz Baimuratov*, Director of Institute, Finance and Banking
    Management (FBM), Kazakhstan,

The CSSS Board of Directors will be supplemented by representatives of statistical organizations. The CSSS Board of Directors on a democratic basis and openly resolves all operational issues of the CSSS management from its inception to completion, up to presentations of its book.

2. The CSSS funding strategy was changed, which is expressed now in its Program as follows:

*Sources of the CSSS funding*.
GHA does not have its own funds. Therefore, CSSS funding in the amount of $60,000 is possible only from external sources. The most likely of them can be international and national statistical and sociological associations/organizations because CSSS is an unprecedented scientific study of world significance, which lays the basis for a completely new scientific knowledge - global statistics and global sociology. These disciplines are essential for the constitution of a global social science, including economics, demography, political and juridical sciences, ecology, and so on. GHA therefore hopes that among these organizations, we will be able to find the CSSS sponsors interested in becoming a pioneer in the creation of global social science in the 21st century with GHA on the basis of, first of all, global statistics and sociology. GHA is ready to share with the sponsor on a parity basis the copyright on CSSS and use of all its results that promise great business prospects in the future and many times will pay all costs on CSSS (see below, paragraph 25). The partner organization, funding CSSS, can implement its financing in different sizes for different variants of CSSS on the studied countries: 1. Four countries - India, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan - 60 thousand dollars. 2. Replacement of Kazakhstan by the any other fourth country - 70 thousand dollars.
3. Three countries - India, USA, Russia - 50 thousand dollars.
4. Two countries - Russia and USA or India and USA - 40 thousand dollars.

3. The changes in Board of Directors and the CSSS financing are caused the unmotivated (without explanations) refusals from own assurances and promises of Dr. Norman Kurland, CESJ President and Dr. Robert Crane, Islamic Studies Foundation President (Qatar) from the promised with name of God funding for CSSS in $30.000. We all know how call people who refuse to keep their promises. This is another proof that there is no any harmony and justice, no any science and religion are impossible without elementary ethics, decency and honesty. GHA often faced with similar situations. We will survive and this event. CSSS will be done under any circumstances. It is the GHA purpose and meaning and my personal goal for the coming year.

4. The CSSS value can not be overestimated. It promises for GHA worldwide recognition and fundamental change of world relation to harmony. It promises to shift global consciousness from total ignorance in harmony to its scientific evidence and understanding. It is a difficult path full of many obstacles facing the GHA at every step. But so is with any world discovery, every historical shift in the consciousness of humanity, especially the one that opens up the way to an entirely new, unprecedented, global harmonious civilization and the second axial Age in human history. GHA serves this purpose for over 8 years, and it intends responsibly serve to this highest Mission and beyond, despite any obstacles. This movement is immortal. This belief is confirmed by the fact that almost every day in the GHA new people and organizations come to work together in a historic and unprecedented move of humanity to a harmonious civilization.

Thank you very much for your approval.

With love, best harmony wishes,

Dr Leo Semashko:
State  Councillor  of  St.  Petersburg,
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
Director:  Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA);
Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org <http://www.peacefromharmony.org>
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