[gha] Re: CIHE Update & Huffington Post feature on INTERSPIRITUAL [Interfaith] REVOLUTION

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Dear Kurt,

I am pleased to congratulate you on an excellent article in The Huffington 

I like your intensive schedule of meetings and conferences. But, please, let us 
know more organizational details for the CIHE establishment what you promised 
in September. How do you assess the reality of CIHE opening in September? What 
is the probability that? And what are the real reasons behind this? It is very 
important for the future of this project. Thank you for your efforts and 
success to you in them! 

With love, best harmony wishes,


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  Subject: CIHE Update & Huffington Post feature on INTERSPIRITUAL [Interfaith] 

Hello CIHE, GHA, ABC Colleagues:

The Huffington Post has a new feature on "Interspiritual Revolution" 
emphasizing the message in The Coming Interspiritual Age book and other 
interfaith and millennial youth directions worldwide.  Here is the link:  a 
really powerful article!


UPDATES Regarding CIHE, GHA and ABC:

I  will be part of a number of ongoing conversations now to start introducing 
the CIHE curricula and concepts to the wider interfaith and interspiritual 
communities.  These will include:  

l.  Meeting with Fr. Thomas Keating and representatives of the historic 
Snowmass Inter-religious Initiative (authors of the “8 Points of Agreement” in 
THE COMMON HEART (2006)) see http://www.isdna.org/understanding.php 
This will be June 20-24, 2013 at Fr. Keating's Abbey in Colorado.  I am on 
their Steering Committee.
2.  Meetings with CIC-USA (www.cic-usa.org) of which I’m a Board member and 
OUnI (www.ouni.org) of which I’m a Board Member to begin discussing and 
delineating the various kinds of interfaith education programs that are 
4.  Meeting re: same with www.spiritualpaths.net (who carry on Fr. Keating’s 
work in California), as well as www.contemplativejournal.com and 
www.presence.tv who are newly emerging voices. 
5.  Meetings with the dozen or so INTERFAITH SEMINARIES in North America (see 
 regarding coherence across interfaith teaching programs.
6.  Meeting with the Education Committee at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 
New York City, along with OUnI and CIC-USA, to PLAN A COURSE or COLLOQUIUM to 
discuss (esp. using long distance learning webinar capability) the various 
emerging interfaith and interspiritual education programs emerging worldwide, 
of which CIHE, GHA, ABC is a major one.

7.   The Dawn of Interspirituality Conference, Sept./Oct. 2013 in Cascadia 
Washington.  Google Dawn of Interspirituality Conference or see 

I’ll keep you informed, and especially I will consult Bruce and Leo as these 
discussions proceed.  They are all informational.  I will not “officially” 
represent or make agreements on behalf of, or regarding, CIHE, ABC, GHA.  These 
discussions are all informational and exploratory across constituencies.
Dr. Kurt Johnson

GHA-USA Vice President and a 
Director, CIHE

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