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*Proposal Submission Deadline: July 30, 2014*




*Editor: Sunita Singh Sengupta, Ph.D.*


In the global economy when companies have become so competitive leading to
pressure and insecurity amongst the workforce the clarion call is to merge
the spiritual discipline with business discipline in order to create
harmony and sustain excellence. The significance of spirituality in
management is acquiring considerable international recognition and can be
said to form one of the hottest emerging fields in management and social
economics. The Compendium through 10 different volumes is an effort to
systematically explore and map the field from different perspectives
referring to different disciplines and spiritual traditions.

*Compendium **on Integrating Spirituality And Organizational Leadership *is
a timely series responding to the high demand for state-of-the-art research
on how organizations can create virtue based organizational processes to
bring transparency and accountability in order to create a morally healthy
business environment for sustainable individual, social and economic

*The volumes are the result of active academic contribution and
deliberations in ISOL Conferences since 2007 to understand the role of
spirituality in renewing the contemporary management praxis. *

*We plan to bring out 10 Volumes:*

*Volume 1*: Moral and Ethical Foundations of Management Education

*Volume 2*: The Philosophy of Management and Applied Ethics

*Volume 3*: Ontology and Epistemology of Spirituality at Workplace

*Volume 4:* Understanding Human Nature and Interplay of Human Relationships


*Volume 5: *The Power of Mind and Managerial Decision Making

*Volume 6*: The Cultural Foundations of Organizational Leadership

*Volume 7*: Models of Economic Development: Rediscovering the Indigenous


*Volume 8*: Spiritual Leadership for Business Transformation

*Volume 9*: Spirituality for Social Innovation & Social Change: Reaching
the Bottom of


*Volume 10*: Spirituality for Corporate Social Responsibility, Good
Governance and

                      Sustainable Development


During the last two decades with the developments in globalization,
international financial crises, corporate scandals and the evolution of
more complex and fluid organizational structures, an increased interest in
spirituality as providing a vital perspective on leadership has emerged.

*The pressing issues are:*

[image: *]      Organizations are not able to involve the whole individual
to achieve its potential to the fullest and the transactional leadership
style is not effective enough to engage the individual's mind at work.

[image: *]      The prevalence of increasing exploitative and violent
behaviour at work place happens because of the absence of purpose driven
powerful and principled managerial practice and organizational strategy.

[image: *]      The strategies we employ have not given us the desired
results. The relentless pursuit of egoistic gratification has led to the
current situation of corporate greed and lack of trust amongst people. The
clarion call is to create a morally healthy sustainable environment for
social, economical and individual growth.

[image: *]      Sustainable development requires strategies that advance
the system by which we live on the planet and hence there is a need to
incorporate the holistic development of person and society.

[image: *]      Organizations need to develop strength based practices and
therefore it should promote leadership that nurtures the spirit of each
stakeholder in order to create harmony at workplace and society. The need
of the hour is to promote compassion, love and truth at workplace so that
non-violent, non-exploitative and sustainable organizations are created.

[image: *]      Modern strategic doctrine mostly fails to include, the
person and his aspirations and aims, in the strategic framework. People
(employee and investors) are the strength of the organizations and the
leader who integrates this understanding creates an environment where
people can use their full potential, feel appreciated and grow in the

[image: *]       Organizations *need to create enabling environment to
develop winning minds. *

[image: *]      There is a need to develop a rhythm between thought,
feelings and actions - at individual and organizational level - for
prosperity and harmony at workplace and society.

We need to focus on character building along with skill development in
creating responsible management education and practice. Time is ripe when
we need to relook at the fundamentals of management taking a reflective
perspective. Only those organizations that develop an effective conscience
mechanism rooted in its spiritual and socio-cultural traditions will be
doing responsible business.  Spirituality is an existential search for a
deeper self - understanding and meaning in life. In an organizational
context, such an individual existential search can be expanded to include a
search for connecting with the community, for collective purpose, meaning
and responsibility. The fulcrum in either quest remains the search for
truth for existence - realizing purpose through spirit and value centric

*Way back in 2007, we had launched a Series of International Conferences on
Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership. Since then, every
alternate year, we have been organizing this mega event: 2007, 2009, 2011,
& 2013 and 2015 is planned at the Fullerton Hall,The Art Institute Chicago.
The Compendium will be released at Chicago Conference as the culmination of
the series of five International Conferences on Integrating Spirituality
and Organizational Leadership. *


The *Compendium*  * on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational
Leadership *will present methods to systematically explore the nature,
determination and implications of the spiritual dimensions of
organizational leadership for creating non - exploitative, non - violent
and sustainable organizations. It will present ethical problems and coping
methods that can be implemented in the business sector the world over and
will discuss global ethical problems in the fields of business, management,
leadership, economics, and ethics. The various volumes will contribute


The book is mainly intended to support various business sectors and an
academic audience (academics, university teachers, researchers, officials,
and post-graduate students - both Master and Doctorate levels). In
addition, this book will be beneficial for public and private universities,
researchers, education managers, Professionals, Business and education


Researchers, academicians and practitioners are invited to submit on or
before *July 30,2014 *a 2-3 page chapter proposal clearly outlining the
central concerns of their proposed chapter and, in particular, the
methodological approaches, the academic and applied contribution of the
work in question. Please do mention the respective volume in your proposal.

Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by *September 5, 2014* about
the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters
are expected to be submitted by *January 15, 2015*. All submitted chapters
will be subjected to double-blind review process.

*Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project.


*July 30, 2014:* Proposal Submission Deadline
*September 5, 2014:* Notification of Acceptance
*January 15, 2015:* Full Chapter Submission
*February 28, 2015:* Review Results Returned
*March 15, 2015:* Final Chapter Submission

 *Inquiries and submissions, which will include (i) the proposal, (ii) a
brief bio for the author(s), and (iii) your availability to act as reviewer
of other participants' chapters, can be forwarded electronically (Word
document) to *sunita.singhsengupta@xxxxxxxxx; sengupta.sunitasing@xxxxxxxxx or
*by mail to:*

*Prof. Sunita Singh Sengupta*

*Founder & Honorary Convener*

*Integrating Spirituality & Organizational Leadership Foundation*

*C-17, Raj International Business Centre, *

* Gurunanak Pura, Laxminagar, Near Scope Minar Delhi-110 092 India*

*In the service of Sri Ramakrishna!*


*Sunita Singh Sengupta, Ph.D.*
Homi Bhabha Fellow
Formerly Professor of Behavioural Sciences, IIM Calcutta
Currently Professor of Organizational Behaviour
Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi (www.fms.edu)
Delhi - 110 007

*Founder & Honorary Convener*
Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Foundation
ISOL Research Foundation (www.isolresearchfoundation.org)
Vedic Foundations of Indian Management(www.vfim.co.in)
ISOL Center For Consciousness Studies (www.iccs.co.in)
Academy of Value Based Management (www.academyofvaluebasedmanagement.co.in)

*Founder Editor*
International Journal on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational
International Journal on Vedic Foundations of Management

*Administrative Office:*

C-17, Raj International Business Centre,
Gurunanak Pura, Laxminagar, Near Scope Minar
Delhi-110 092

*Contact Details:*

Cell Number: 91+9873167484
Residence No. 011 27662844

Email:               sunita.singhsengupta@xxxxxxx
Alternate email: sengupta.sunitasingh@xxxxxxxxx
Skype Name: sunitasinghsengupta

*Welcome to The 5th International Conference on Integrating Spirituality
and Organizational Leadership in Chicago during September 10-15, 2015* (

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