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  • Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 13:21:51 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Leo and Colleagues,
    As I am not listed as one of the  signers of the text for the G20 
meeting, I need neither agree nor disagree with  a text signed by others.
    I have no experience in dealing with  the G20, but I was part of 
(unsuccessful) efforts to propose ideas for the G8  and had reviewed a good 
which I do not find for the moment, on  decision-making among the G8.
    What seems true is that the host  country takes all the initiatives in 
proposing agenda items and ideas,  especially if the ideas have not been the 
subject of earlier decisions. Thus, in  this case, it is the Russian hosts 
(basically the President and  his close  advisors) to make proposals, most 
often in light of what the President thinks  are "national priorities."
    Personally, I do not use the "Open  Letter" approach. I write articles 
which I sign and write private letters on  policy issues to Ambassadors at 
the UN to forward to the Foreign Ministry (or  other relevant body.) I often 
receive thoughtful replies or phone calls from the  ambassador wanting to 
discuss the issue.
    My contacts with Russia nearly all  date from the Soviet period -the 
1975-1985 decade - when I was working on arms  control issues. Thus I have no 
idea if "Open Letters" have become more usual in  what may be a more open 
society than the Soviet days. However, I still think  that a text and 
supporting documents should be given privately to whatever group  in the 
office is preparing the G20 meeting.
    With best wishes, Rene Wadlow,  President, Association of World Citizens

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