[gha] An Olympic Flame of Light

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An Olympic Flame of  Light 

The Olympic Spirit should embody the highest aspirations of humanity for 
Olympus was considered the « home of the gods ».  The gods came to represent 
the best of  human qualities: justice, fairness, acting to the best of one’s 
abilities and  understanding.  It was in such a  spirit that the modern 
Olympic Games were  re-created. 
Unfortunately, the ideology of nationalism has marked the modern Olympic  
Games — the most obvious example of this being the 1936 Games and their  
attempted use by the Nazi Party of Germany for narrow nationalistic and racist  
purposes.  Thus, there have been  ever-greater calls that the Olympic Games 
be a period of peace, universalism,  and the respect of human rights as 
expressed in the Universal Declaration of  Human Rights 
Thus Citizens of the World call for all to use this period of the Winter  
Olympic Games as a time for renewal of humanistic values in conformity with  
universal civil and political, economic, social and cultural  rights. 
Rene Wadlow, President and a Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, 
Association of World  Citizens 

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