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You know, and use of other of one of in certainly, UNO ABC of exists of it =
practical of the man-activities of rights of handbook of teaching of pour
primary educations of schools of and the police station of written by the
office Top of secondaries pour of the United Nations of the human rights
Des. On can there the Liras for the example:  " However, texts of on the
founded one of teaching and the history, meticulous person of IF and it is
qualified for it, pupils with. living eyes of reality of one the human ones
of rights of to make of with step of is enough to ...... pour texts of these
of only the other which are chose of intellectual of constructions of that
the simple ones, the experiment approach clean prospect for their for in
pupils of of IT is necessary and as soon as themselves confronting are made
justice, freedom and equity of the idea of with of in.





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