[gha] A Chronological History of the Golden Rule (free online)

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A Chronological History of the Golden Rule (free online)

Dear interfaith colleagues:

Scarboro Missions is pleased to announce the publication of a milestone 
document in the history of the Golden Rule. 

This amazing 30-page document chronicles the history of the Golden Rule from 
ancient to modern times by traversing the cultures, philosophies and religions 
of history. Essentially, the paper charts the ethical history of humanity 
through the lens of the Golden Rule. This chronology is an ideal teaching tool 
with the capacity to reach a multitude of diverse audiences. It also has 
interfaith content. 


This chronological history was authored by Rev. Dr. Harry Gensler S.J.  A 
professor of philosophy at John Carroll University in Ohio (USA), Gensler is 
one of the top Golden Rule scholars in the world. He has been researching and 
writing in the Golden Rule field for 45 years.   

Below is the link to this document. Please feel free to forward this link and 
announcement through your communities and networks for use in newsletters, 
bulletin boards, websites, mailing lists, list-serves, blogs, Facebook pages, 
twitter, etc.

To view or download this landmark document free of charge click here: 

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