[ggo-discussion] Re: usability: players

  • From: Peter Strempel <zotan@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 08:46:54 +0200

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 05:53:03PM -0700, mAsterdam wrote:

> Nay. Don't bother. If it is standard enough it will be the standard
> behavior in a later Swing (or yet another Sun-JavaGUI library
> replacing Swing).

Too late, already did it. :*) Was just two lines.

> > automatic updates do the refreshes. 
> Which _does_ preserve the place in the list. ?!  This means that you
> already know how to do that, but you just don't know that you know ?

Indeed, never noticed. :*)
I need to investigate that.

> The friend / ignore thingy makes the experience personal, 
> gives the whole a real networking (of people, not computers)
> taste. As far as I can tell Jago started it, CGoban followed suit. 

Most clients support a friend/ignore list. XGospel has it, which is the
oldest IGS client I know (and until today the most powerful one, featurewise
it sacks gGo or any client I am aware of easily).

> I like inchpebbles, not milestones. A powerful database
> would be overkill, changing the character. Just a comment line 
> would be a small extension along the right line. 

If I do it smart enough to make it easily extendable later it might be a
start. But there are some more things to consider, like how to save the
whole thing. Only one line of comment might be saved in the .ggorc file, but
if more information is added later, that file will get bloated. Then, save
it as binary serialization (bad) or as XML (good, but work)? Etc.

I dont want to bore you, but if I just add the comment line now but plan to
add more later, and I didnt bother investing some preparation work in it
now, I can then trash the first code and rewrite it from scratch - not so

If you happen to have some experience with the Amiga, try Ambassador (runs
well on WinUAE emulator in Windows). It is an excellent client. I
occasionally use it for my normal IGS usage, just for the fun of it and
being an old Amiga geek. The database was never fully implement as far as I
see it, but the concept looks pretty interesting.

But this certainly wont be in the next release. Currently there are still
bugs with the multiple game thing that require urgent attention, and I want
to release 0.3.8 this weekend because of the really bad Score button bug.

Oh, one off topic comment:

> Hmm. Posting about several topics at once on a mailing list discussing
> software. I should have known better.

I find this gGo mailing list very civil, polite and useful. I've seen much
worse. And actually, the input I get from the list is usually much better
than what I get via direct mails (at least, in most cases. There are
exceptions). So I tend to be a bit more attentive to the list than other
mails. I don't know why, maybe because people who actually use a mailing
list have a little more experience in software testing progess.

The old forums on Sourceforge were better than a mailing list, it didnt spam
your inbox so much (btw, there is a Digest option to only recieve one big
mail with all mailing list posts a day instead each mail individually. If
interested check the freelist webpage). But I cannot use sourceforge for a
closed-source project anymore, and lack the facilities to setup a webserver
for that. And last, I'm somewhat old fashioned and prefer email/usenet to
www. Optimal would be an own newsgroup, but I dont think I get that.


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