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Hello Peter,
Cool demo. Much improved. Thanks for incorporating comments.
I like the explorer style display.
Unfortunately I could not get the load button that you mentioned (I put a
foo.sgf in the directory!). However, I got a good feel by clicking away at
the board. 
Here are some new impressions:

Both displays:
- There is no way to insert a move within a branch without causing another
branch to be created. This may be controlled by a configurable parameter or
a create variation mouse click (little ugly).
- There seems to be no way to enter a no-op node or a pass or more than one
node of the same color. 

Explorer Style Display:
- Nice to see that you have it.
- The move numbers are getting messed up, such as move 29 followed by 177 :)
- The variations are created inline, therefore interrupting the main flow.
Is there a way to put them outside?
- It seems that the variations can be folded but not the main flow (from a
point in the middle). This can be done if at the point of a branch, the rest
of the nodes are treated as a branch to with the +/- signs; i.e. the main
flow becomes a branch too starting at that point.
 - Can probably make the circles and fonts smaller.

Separate Tree Display:
- Much better
- The circles can be smaller to allow more vertical distance when nothing is
displayed. This becomes necessary when a branch is folded and there is a
vertical line left but also a node under it from a separate branch.
- The vertical distance is good.

Overall, it is wonderful progress on a difficult problem...:)


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New demo (v4) is avalable on http://panda-igs.joyjoy.net/English/glgo/tree/

I added most of the suggestions from the previous mail and the second 
windows-explorer-stylish display. It can also load SGF files, though 
that's rather an accident (I used this prototype for writing the new SGF 
parser, too) than intentional, but quite useful for some tree testing 
with real files. Instructions are found on the webpage.

Except the ugly icons for the new tree list I'd consider this ok so far 
to copy over into glGo code.


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