[ggo-discussion] source code?

  • From: Robert Kleemann <robertk@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 22:22:59 -0800

Hi guys.

I just ran glGo for the first time and am amazed at how gorgeous it 
looks!  The scaling board and fonts are really nice.

I'm running it on gentoo linux so I decided to use the tar file (instead 
of debs or rpms).   I noticed that the install script was installing it 
in /usr instead of /usr/local so I manually untarred the glGo.ss file 
and wrote a little bash script to run it with the correct 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and "-s" option for the share directory.

To make it easier I decided to write an emerge script to install it.  
This is a bash script used by gentoo that downloads the source code, 
compiles, and installs the program.  It also contains dependency info.  
It's kind of like an rpm spec file.  This is when things got a little 
confusing.  The sourceforge project contains the source code up to 
version 0.7 but now the site appears to be abandoned.  The 
pandanet.co.jp site has version 1.1 but no source code is available.

Is source code no longer available for the program?  I notice that the 
license says that the code can be downloaded and used but cannot be 
modified or redistributed.  Is this the beta of a commercial 
application?  What are your plans for this program?

Congratulations again on a very nice looking program!


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