[ggo-discussion] Re: glGo 1.1 beta

  • From: Peter Strempel <pstrempel@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 04:40:07 +0100

Yes, I messed that koryo count/time up in the first download. Already 
got pointed to that by malf, fixed it and put up a new download. Should 
have maybe numbered it beta2 to avoid confusion, though looking at the 
release time will work as well.

> Regarding the byo yomi warning sound. As there are now two different 
> timing schemes, there should also be two different byo yomi warning 
> sound schemes.

Agreed. I had the warning turned off for testing, got too annoying, so 
didn't think about this yet. I think adding another warning time input 
for byo system in the preferences should do it:

Time warning
   Pandanet style: [00:30]
   Byoyomi style : [00:10]
   Warning sound [x]

> would not mind hearing (and seeing :) ) a beautiful japanese go-girl 
> counting down the last seconds

You do the recording? :)

Something I discussed with malf earlier: The term "Koryo" might be 
somewhat unknown and confusing for users. At least, someone dumb as me 
who heard the word "Koryo" the first time had absolutely no clue what it 
means. I had to look at Panda-Egg to see it in action to understand what 
it does. Maybe "Overtime" and "Overtime periods" or something might be 
better? Panda-Egg/English uses "Koryo time/count", so I used the same 
phrase as well.

Another thing I just noticed in the beta: The koryo time/count are not 
shown in the match condition part of playerinfo dialogs. Will fix that. 
It's also not shown in the "Match condition" column of player list, but 
that's ok to avoid this column getting too large. It's already too big 
for my taste anyways.
Also, the new nmatch dialog doesn't show the game history yet like the 
old match dialog does. That fell prey to "Do important stuff first." 
Have to add that somewhen later.

This new nmatch is quite cool in my opinion. I especially like the match 
conditions. I hate those blitz games, and it's can get annoying to click 
away all the blitz match requests when you are looking for a slow game. 
However, you can still receive old-style blitz match requests, but 
preventing that would seriously break compatibility with the old system 
and client which don't support nmatch yet. I don't know a good solution 
for this.


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