[ggo-discussion] Re: glGo 1.1 beta

  • From: Peter Strempel <pstrempel@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:41:34 +0100

On 21.12.2004, at 23:56, Jarkko Lindblad wrote:

> I noticed that after the game I can travel the move tree using the 
> mouse
> wheel or keyboard, but the movement buttons in the GUI are not
> functional at that time.

Bug. Fixed.

>  Also would be nice if at that point one could add variations - it'd 
> make game analysis easier.

Well, at the moment you end up with an offine editor after the game 
ended. Just tried, you can add variations in that. Additionally to that 
I want to add some button "Review game" which starts the same game as 
an online review. This is already possible, but you'd need to go over 
the "Create review" menuitem or your own stats dialog first, which is 
way too complex and horrible design. Panda-Egg can do this, and this is 
one of the bigger problems in glGo: Starting a review after your game 
is too complicated.
Not sure if I add that for 1.1, though. Probably not, I dont want to do 
any bigger changes now anymore, and this is a bit more complex as your 
opponent also needs a chance to automatically join the review.

> Also, I still wish one could easily get the stats of the players 
> playing a game.

Done, I added a popup menu to the player names in the board sidebar, 
similar to gGo. Right-click on the label just above the clocks will 
open it.

* Stats
* Tell
* Trail

I suppose that's enough, or did I miss another action? I dont want to 
add actions which do output in the terminal (sgf, stored, result etc.) 
because at that moment you are *not* in the terminal window, so you 
don't see the output without switching window focus.
Not sure if Trail is so important, but I sometimes randomly observe 
some dan players and then might decide one of both players looks 
interesting so I start trailing him to watch the next game.

Above changes are not yet in the latest beta available on the webpage, 
I did this after uploading them. Have to do some familiy christmas 
stuff these days, so it might take 1-2 days until I update the beta (or 
final release).


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