[ggo-discussion] Re: gGo doesn't want to change Komi properly :)

  • From: Peter Strempel <zotan@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 08:23:06 +0200

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 09:33:57PM +0100, Michael Camacho wrote:

> It turns out that my game ID was 54. Consequently, this is what gGo sent:
> SENDING 'komi 54 5.5'
> Hence IGS thought I wanted a Komi of 54.
> I guess they still haven't gotten round to fixing it. :)

That sounds like a problem on the server side. IGS expects the format
<command> <gameid> [argument]...
with toggle singlegame false.
As everyone on the new server got singlegame false as default - unless he
has toggled it true manually, what I doubt most people do - gGo now uses
this format for every game command being sent out. The same format should be
accepted for singlegame true, too, at least thats what the PandaNet guys
tolf me. Obviously this isnt the case for komi yet. I will inform them. They
have been fast fixing the other problems last week. Until it's fixed, just
use the commandline to change komi, I guess no big deal.

There is no solution possible on the client side, as the client cannot know
your singlegame on/off status on the servers. It's not displayed in stats,
and the client cannot track if you sent it, as you might have changed it
with another client. Additionally it sounds quite ugly to send different
command formats depending on your (not certainly known) singlegame mode.

It had been quite a mess during the last 2 weeks, resulting in some quickly
released gGo versions to fix urgent bugs, introducing new bugs. But things
seem to go back to normal again, so far except komi everything seems to work


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