[ggo-discussion] enjoyging glGo - but 3 small things

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 22:27:02 -0400


I've really been enjoying the new version - especially the "seek game" feature. Thanks so much!

Three very minor things:

1) I still frequently get an error message when I close down the program, saying the glGo has "unexpectedly" crashed, when I merely "quit". I should add that I'm on an iMac flatscreen, OSX 3.9. This doesn't happen as consistently as with the older version of the software.

2). when I go to type a text message to my opponent in the field (in my configuration it is in the bottom right hand corner of the game board), There is a little yellow informational box which when I click on it to type says something like "type message here" which pops up but won't go away unless I click again with my mouse. Otherwise the informational box stays there and I can't see what I'm typing.

3). When I'm asking other players for a match I go through the list of players, click on their name and then click on "match". The match-challange panel for that player comes up in the middle of my screen, and I click on its "match" button. then I usually click on the red button which closes the panel. So far, so good. But, I often challenge a number of players one after another. Sometimes, one will accept a match just as I am challenging another player, so the game board "blooms" up in the middle of the screen just as I'm hitting a "match" button or the "close panel red button" -- but the click registers on the game board instead! So, I end up with a very unusual first move. This results in a good deal of confusion and misunderstanding, especially if my opponent and I do not speak any of the same languages. On the other hand, it intimidates the heck out of some of them who think I'm some kind of a Go hotshot.

So, is there any way to make the match panels could open up on the side of the screen instead of the middle? I now drag the panel over to the side with the mouse, and that prevents it. Either that or tell me how to say "Sorry, that was a misclick, please undo" in Japanese and Chinese.

As I said, these are very small things, but I understand you want feedback here, so there it is. Even with these little glitches, it is a terrific program and I thank you for helping all of us in play Go with people all over the world. It really is a marvelous thing and much appreciated.

--Bill Brown

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