[ggo-discussion] Re: New user of glGo on linux

  • From: Peter Strempel <pstrempel@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:01:34 +0100

Steffen Dettmer wrote:

>>" glGo : error while loading shared Libraries : libexpat.so.1 : cannot 
>>open shared object file: No such file or directory "
> It seems that there is a problem with libexpat, probably it is
> simply not installed.

Or it is installed and the version is different than on my Debian system.

You can try the following (as root):

cd /usr/lib
ln -s yourlibexpat.so.something libexpat.so.1

That works in most cases, as expat is quite compatible between different 

There are two glGo versions for Linux for download (see 
http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/glgo/#Download): One compiled on 
Debian/testing and another compiled on Suse 9.1.

When you look at the download table, the first three RPM, Deb and tgz 
are from Debian (same thing, just different installers), and the forth 
is from Suse. If the Debian glGo doesn't work for you, try the Suse one.

Final option: I put my Debian libexpat on the webpage, you can try 
downloading it, copy it into /usr/lib. But no idea if this works:

* Get http://panda-igs.joyjoy.net/English/glGo/libexpat.so.1.0.0
* Copy it into /usr/lib
* cd /usr/lib
* ln -s libexpat.so.1.0.0 libexpat.so.1


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