[geogebra-translators] New pre-release version of GeoGebra (December 12, 2008)

  • From: "Judith Hohenwarter" <judith@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geogebra-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 16:29:50 -0500

Dear GeoGebra Translators,

We decided to extend the deadline for translations of GeoGebra 3.2. to
JANUARY 15, 2009. Polishing the code of the new version as well as
updating the help document takes us longer than expected and we had to
postpone the release date of GeoGebra 3.2 to (hopefully) February
2009. So we are able to give you more time as well to bring your great
translations to perfection.

I am currently working on the update of the GeoGebra Help document (or
Official manual) for version 3.2. Since we have a lot of new features
and commands that need to be documented, I will need some more time to
finish the document. I hope to be able to make the new help document
available for translation before Christmas to give you enough time to
translate the extensions into your languages. I will keep you updated
on my progress.

We have created a new pre-release version of GeoGebra today (December
12, 2008). You will be able to try out the new version at
* http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/dev/geogebra.html
* http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/dev/geogebra-pre.jnlp

If your language was updated in this or another recent pre-release
version and you want to make any corrections, please download the new
properties files from http://www.geogebra.org/source/translation/gui
and make your corrections using these files.

If you have questions about translating some of the new commands,
please check the pre-release notes of GeoGebra 3.2 at

Thank you very much for your great work and support of GeoGebra!

Best wishes,
Judith and the GeoGebra Team

We have included updates of the following 7 languages in this
pre-release version of GeoGebra 3.2 (December 12, 2008):
* Arabic
* Chinese (simplified)
* Galician
* Icelandic
* Japanse
* Korean
* Portugese (Brazil)

The following 17 languages were already updated in the last
pre-release versions of GeoGebra 3.2:
* Chinese (traditional)
* Chinese (simplified)
* Croatian
* Estonian
* Finnish
* French
* Greek
* Indonesian
* Italian
* Korean
* Norwegian (Bokmal)
* Norwegian (Nynorsk)
* Persian
* Portugese (Brazil)
* Portugese (Portugal)
* Russian
* Slovak
* Spanish
* Swedish
* Turkish

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