[geogebra-translators] New GeoGebra Website and Translator Credits

  • From: Judith Hohenwarter <judith@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geogebra-translators@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, geogebra-institutes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 12:50:54 +0100

Dear GeoGebra Translators,

yesterday, GeoGebra successfully moved to our new webserver in
Luxembourg and our new website went online. We would like to thank all
of you who have already translated the new website to their language!
In order to give you all proper credits for your translation work
(website, GUI, documentation,...), please do the following:

1) Click on the link to your language on our team page:

2) This will take you to an empty wiki page where you click the link
"edit this page". You may need to create a GeoGebraWiki account first,
if you don't have one yet (see right bottom menu).

3) On your new language translation wiki page, please add your name,
affiliation and involvement in the GeoGebra translation. We hope
you'll also add a nice picture of yourself ;-)

We have already created such a page for the English translation team.
You may want to use our page as an example for how you could design
your own language translation page, see
http://www.geogebra.org/en/wiki/index.php/Translation_English. You can
get the source code of this page by clicking "Edit" at the top of our
page. However, please don't change our English language page ;-)

Thank you very much for you support of GeoGebra and all the effort you
are putting into the translation!
Best wishes,
Judith and Markus

Dr. Judith Hohenwarter
International GeoGebra Institute

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