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Tell me what you think.

Paul D

We must clear and distinguish the difference between species and kind..  Mules 
and donkeys and horses are of common species, but of different kinds. Varieties 
of kinds may occur in nature by crossing, yet species in nature cannot cross. 
An impossibility. There will be no mammal-bird, fish-mammal fossils found ever. 
  Even though Genetic modification may interfere with species, and insert fish 
genes in a tomato, this is NOT POSSIBLE in nature..  These tomatoes will not 
reproduce themselves.. That is the plan after all..  

Of course in as much that the knowledge and technology back in the 50's was far 
less than today, at least the human educational standards and application,  
morally, ethically, and technically was far superior. . but as most of the good 
stuff from the pre modern period has been burned, libraries modernised, I 
cannot find confirmation, of what I am about to say entirely from memory and 
you will need to forgive some failure with terminology. But you will need an 
old book , as I could find nothing anywhere on the web. 

But as regards kinds in genetics, at that time it was proposed that each 
species had different fixed numbers of chromosomes? Guessing like human 16, 
canines 12 etc. In propogation of a species 8 full of genetic information from 
momma combined with 8 from poppa. or 6 with 6 and so forth. The male 
determining the sex factor . 

At that time it was stated emphatically that a species with 16 chromosomes 
could not breed with a species of 12.  and so forth. Now I can easily 
understand why books that advocate this are burned because of obsoletism by 
evolutionists. Likewise books that showed internal combustion engines breaking 
the thermodynamic 50% heat engine barrier, returning up to 80% of the heat 
energy as mechanical power in British naval twin screw ship. Yes I rescued that 
book and have all the data. 

No conspiracies at all Paul.. Like GMH (not only GMH) calling back and 
shredding brand new electric cars, brand new,  by the thousand ... did the oil 
industry shareholders influence that..  naa  no conspiracies Paul  . Even my 
Toyota Prius has special programming restricting the EV use that I can operate. 
It takes an independent privat nonprofit group like Calcars to hack these 
computers and convert the car with some extra batteries to allow the local 
commuter like myself to go 30-40 miles a day, never buying petrol except for a 
highway long trip. ???  The oil companies are helping now arnt they  .. Yet 
this pressure has grown so great that Toyota has been forced to do it 
themselves for 2008.. What the betting we will have a repeat of GMH 

Had my whinge for the day..


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