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Thanks Martin. I take it then that you support the contention that space is not 
a vacuum. 
 However a vacuum is a vacuum, and the vacuum of space has never been claimed 
as a perfect vacuum. In the '50s it was claimed that hydrogen permeated the 
cosmos, the fuel of suns. Now Moon apparently talks of this space or vacuum 
being made up of positron/electron pairs. I would prefer to call it just 
another contamination (attenuator) like the hydrogen. There is still a space or 
vacuum around and in between these electrons and positrons. 

But this contamination in no way is likened to an aether that permeates ALL 
space, including throughout the atoms of the material universe. I still opt for 
a nonmaterial "contiguous" , aether . 

Its condition is such that it can carry an electromagnetic wave. If we ignore 
the attenuating losses of physical material including Moons positrons etc, then 
it offers no resistance. If we can take a portion of space to avoid the inverse 
square, and make it a perfect beam , a perfect transmission line, (a fibre 
optic cable comes to mind) Then all of the energy input must output at the 
reciever if the aether offers no resistance. 

In this scenario, we are told that this energy inputting device "antenna" looks 
at an impedance Z of 376 ohms. which would be all X or reactive.  

(space stores electromagnetic energy in the form of waves and returns it -- 
without loss -- at the end of wave transmission or associated terminal events).

I found this enlightening, and helpful as I had never thought of it that way. 
You are saying the wave propagation in "space"  is reactive in the same way 
that a co-ax transmission line is.
To me a "reactive component" returns the energy inputed, back to the source. I 
preferred to look upon a transmission line and the space transmission, as a 
carrier of energy rather than a storage of energy. Though I guess a freighter 
does store its load for the duration of the trip.  Thus it was that you helped 
me to properly understand this. 
The vacuum impedance, Z0 is a universal constant relating the magnitudes of the 
electric and magnetic fields of electromagnetic radiation travelling through 
free space.


  E = electric field strength 
  H = magnetic field strength 

The associated terminal events will now become more interesting, especially 
Teslas standing wave..  


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    but this raises a question,

    "of Dr. Robert Moon, Chicago University physicist, who in his article 
“Space Must Be Quantized,” shows that the prevailing theory that space is a 
vacuum is not supported by the evidence. The reason? Because space has an 
impedance of at least 376 ohms, something not predicted or accounted for in 
conventional science"

    My question is how is this 376 ohms measured? and from this how can this 
measurement be distinguished for space, from the impedance of the interface of 
the instrument?

    radio antennaes present to the coax feeder an impedance which is called the 
radiation resistance, but I always assumed it to be a characteristic of the 
interface between the antenna element and space.

    Can any one expand on this? 


  I can expand a bit on this. I always laugh when I see anyone quoting Dr. 
Robert Moon's article. If you trace the article back, you'll find that the 
citation goes back to me.  I happened to own a copy of the magazine in which 
Moon's article was published, and I cited it in the early 1990s in connection 
with its geocentric implications. When I see the citation cropping back up in 
various uncredited guises, it strikes me as hilarious. All we see are the parts 
I quoted, and nothing of the rest of the article. In the slide presentation for 
my public lecture on geocentricity (still available on video), I even provide 
the picture of Dr. Moon from his article.

  The 376 ohms are reactive (space stores electromagnetic energy in the form of 
waves and returns it -- without loss -- at the end of wave transmission or 
associated terminal events). Moon goes into further detail about the 
quantization of the impedance in regards to the Hall resistance and von 
Klitzing's work (which earned von Klitzing a Nobel prize around 1985 for  
showing the resistance to be quantized).



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