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  • Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 11:20:34 -0800

Hmmm. Well, as I said to Philip privately (which was obviously pretty pointless, since I'm now going to make it public), don't you go riding motorbikes, or going for rides on the London Underground, or driving around the crowded streets of Paris at the physically impossible speed of 100 mph (whilst "doctors" lurk around in tunnels and ambulances drive about trying to find one of those big buildings with patients in it - what's it called - oh yes, a hospital).

As for being the only two left. Nah. Don't believe a word of it, but I got to go now, because there's a triffid knocking at the door!


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Wow! This group is to verbose to be so quiet for this period of time. Is there some sort of conspiracy going on? Watch yourself Dr. Jones, from the look of things we may be the only two left!!!     ;-)
During the silence, perhaps Paul will get back to me on the last few emails I send him, that is, if he hasn't been in a freak train crossing accident! Guilt by association, you know!  lol

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