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Thanks Robert.. I have no argument with your philosophy here. 

"So despite your fear, we have science on our side."

I have no fear about it, and science may be on our side. Whether they know it 
or not is the problem..  I cannot extend the Kabbalistic origens to all and 
sundry of the scientific community, as Marshall Hall seems to do. The saying of 
"he who pays the Piper calls the tune," extends into so many more areas than 
just politics and banks. Thats exactly how they got control of the Vatican...  

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  Can you think of anything more unique among all the points inside a circle 
than the center of a circle? 

  Hence, looking at other stars with planets revolving around them isn't going 
to prove anything, because there can only be one center of mass for the 
universe, and only one object could occupy that center of mass. Every other 
system you look at will be different.

  But of course, position is not the only way that the Earth is unique. It is 
also unique because it is the only body upon which life, in all its complexity, 
has been found, and I dare say, ever will be found.

  So if it's unique in life, it should also be unique in position, taking 
center stage in the saga of the universe. 

  Yes, what we are claiming is quite audacious, but then again, that's what 
mankind believed for all of its existence until Copernicus came along and 
switched centers on us, yet his system didn't work any better than Ptolemy's or 

  The fact is, even the honest heliocentrists among us admit that, even though 
it may be unique to have earth in the center, it is possible and they cannot 
disprove it. GWW has quotes from them all saying so. Hubble saw it in his 
telescope and said it would be an "intolerable" and "horrible" fact for him to 
accept, and sought for another alternative. Einstein saw it in the 
interferometers and refused to allow it, opting instead for changing the face 
of physics for his own choice of cosmologies. Even Newton, the one who told us 
about the center of mass, admitted it. So despite your fear, we have science on 
our side.

  “That the center of the system of the world is immovable. This is 
acknowledged by all, although some contend that the Earth, others that the sun, 
is fixed in that center.”[1]


  [1] Isaac Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Book 3: The 
System of the World, Proposition X, Hypothesis I. The Latin original is: 
Centrum systematis mundane quiescere. Hoc ab omnibus consessum est, dum aliqui 
terram, alii solem in centro systematis quiescere contendant. Videamus quid 
inde sequatur.” In Proposition XI, Theorema XI, Newton adds: “That the common 
center of gravity of the Earth, the sun, and all the planets, is immovable. For 
that center either is at rest or moves uniformly forwards in a right line; but 
if that center moved, the center of the world would move also, against the 
Hypothesis.” Original Latin is: Commune centrum gravitates terræ, solis & 
planetarum omnium quiescere. Nam centrum illud (per legum corol. iv) vel 
quiescent vel progredietur uniformiter in directum. Sed centro illo semper 
progrediente centrum mundi quoque movebitur contra hypothesin. 

  Robert Sungenis

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