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  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 11:46:58 +0000 (GMT)

Bernie B
My you do seem to have an inexhaustible source of references. Actually that 
single site looks like an approximation of an inexhaustible resource on its own!
Don't know if I'll spend much time there but thanks for the thought.
Paul D

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Some articles on depression or related topics:

Steven Jones <steven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
philip madsen wrote:
> "suffer to some extent from depression" 
> Depression is an imaginary desease some men catch from women.. For a 
> cure it is only necessary for a man to imagine he has not got it, and 
> have another beer.
> The only occasion I get depressed is when I have sinned against God. 
> And a simple honest apology with some prayers for penance quickly 
> fixes that..
Depression does exist! Sorry to hear that Paul. I once suffered from a 
very terrible case of it, but didn't use conventional medication. God 
can help cure the illness as God can with any disease, have faith and 
hope! You may be blessed with a miracle.

Whilst we're talking about such matters, I find People with a faith tend 
to be able to cope with hard scenarios better than those who don't. This 
is an opinion, not a statement.


> Philip.
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> Philip M
> I have been following the play but there there has been just so
> much of it in recent days and I write so slowly -- I care about my
> spelling, punctuation, phraseology etc -- that there was no way I
> could comment on everything I would have liked to. I was also
> trying very hard to illustrate and describe some aspects of daily
> and annual star trails and not managing to get it together.
> Complicating the matter is the fact that I suffer to some extent
> from depression and every so often, when the stress level gets too
> high I just have to back off.
> Now to two excerpts from your posts -
> I have said it before, to those who do not accept the aether as a
> possibility, there is no other explanation other than to accept
> that the earth moves.. why are you silent Paul?
> Well I think I've explained the silence. But Philip -- can there
> be any doubt in your mind about my position? If there is, then my
> Herculean efforts in the past have been wasted!
> and -
> An aside.
> Somehow I get the feeling that Paul has been merely stirring the
> pot on the ecliptic poles star trails issue to create confusion,
> dissention, and diversion to make geocentrism adherents look as
> stupid as he believes us to be. Notice he has not responded or
> even made any reference to any point that I have made that seems
> to support the HC position . Thats my second challenge to you Paul !
> Philip -- can you doubt that I support whatever you say which
> supports heliocentrism? (Always providing you're making sense of
> course and I concede that you usually do!) I do have a problem
> understanding this dichotomy of ideas you hold however. If you can
> manage this, then how is it that you cannot visualise the
> mechanism of producing simultaneously daily and annual rotation
> and revolution about two axes? I'd have thought that the latter
> was a doddle compared to the former!
> Besides, I think I've demonstrated that while humour is an
> acceptable ingredient in almost anything, I don't regard childish
> games as humour. I have a position and until I see reason to
> change I'll maintain it. You can be assured that I am not guilty
> of '... stirring the pot ...'.
> One more post then off to bed!
> Paul D
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