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  • Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 16:00:05 +1100

Quoting philip madsen <pma15027@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> James M. McCanney, M.S. (Physics) is of course an agnostic, but I think he
> has something concerning the electrical nature of the universe. 
> http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/
> He has always maintained an opposing alternative view concerning comets. he
> also is always at odds with NASA and questions the reality of the appollo
> missions. He claims the current comet phenomenon is going to prove him right
> that they are not dirty snowballs. He expects that Homes is rapidly becoming
> a new planet in the solar system. ie that it is in some way attracting matter
> to itself. 
Well - that would definitely not perturb the orbits of other planets :-,
And why, then, do we see matter being expelled from the comet.
Hmmm, I guess it MUST be an alien space-craft then :-.


> He rambles on and is fairly boring to listen to, and his site is just as
> messy. 
> He paid for this 2hour long commercial free broadcast. 
> "November 25, 2007 posting ... DETAILS OF SPECIAL COMET HOMES BROADCAST ... i
> will give a brief review of comet holmes but there is a good deal of new
> important information so be sure to pass the word to listen ... comet holmes
> is becoming a major issue and thus the huge effort to promote imposters with
> watered down copy cat phony information on the internet and other venues ...
> my COMET HOLMES SPECIAL broadcast will be a full 2 hour commercial free
> program 
> TIME - 01:00 - 03:00 (1:00 AM to 3:00 AM EASTERN STANDARD TIME) TUESDAY
> NOVEMBER 27, 2007
> BROADCAST ON : WWCR 3.215 MHz shortwave ... this powerful signal covers the
> entire USA and a large foreign area "
> I will post the link to the archived broadcast as soon as it is available .
> Philip. 
> November 23, 2007 posting ... the THANKSGIVING DAY SPECIAL show archive is
> now posted ... the main topic "THE REAL MEANING OF THE MANY PLANET X's" (a
> journey through history including THE FIRST THANKSGIVING) ... i also talk
> about comet holmes as a current "planet X" or un-named planet (a minor
> planet) ... i have now confirmed that the officially stated "size" of Comet
> Holmes' nucleus ... as i said before ... was "measured" by a "brightness"
> measurement by NASA and therefore my statement is verified that the nucleus
> of comet holmes has to be much larger than the 2.1 miles stated by NASA ...
> additionally it is growing as it accumulates the tail material (see my Plasma
> Discharge Comet Model as described in my books and DVDs) ... the tremendous
> increase in brightness was caused ... as i stated originally on october 23
> when this all started ... by the comet nucleus moving into a near perfect
> electrical alignment with the electrical plasma tails of Mercury - Venus and
> Mars (the bug zapper effect) ... so yes ... since October 23, 2007 ... we
> have a new minor planet forming in the solar system ... since the smallest
> object that the Hubble Space Telescope can measure directly at that distance
> is about 33 miles across (one Hubble Pixel = 33 miles) one could easily
> project that this nucleus could be as much as 33 miles across AND GROWING (it
> could be larger) ... also curiously ... a direct measurement could be made
> using radio signals bounced off the comet nucleus (it would "see through" the
> thick comet coma that is preventing visual confirmation at this time ...
> comet holmes path lies in a prograde orbit (e.g it is moving in the same
> direction as all the other planets) between the orbits of mars and Jupiter
> ... proving conclusively all of my theoretical work ... i will continue to
> track it and due to "tail drag" (as defined in my Plasma Discharge Comet
> Model) i predict that it will soon show signs of falling back in its orbit
> (it will be behind schedule) ... stay tuned ... as soon as the full moon gets
> out of the way we will be measuring its location again ... remember during
> the Hale Bopp era when the official comet tracking web site curator old brian
> marsden almost daily changed the comet's ephemeris (orbital chart data) and
> pretended it never happened (we captured the daily ephemeris tables and still
> have all of them saved for posterity) ... years later they tried to claim
> that the orbital change of Hale Bopp ... changing from a 4200 year orbit to a
> 2600 year orbit ... was due to a gravitational disturbance by jupiter ...
> Hale Bopp came far under Jupiter on its path into the solar system ... but
> this only made a slight one time adjustment in Hale Bopp's orbit ... we are
> expecting the same hanky panky with this comet and will continue to report
> (we are capturing the ephemeris charts and watching for them to magically
> change with comet holmes) ... hal weaver who made the "measurement" of comet
> holmes also was in on corrupting the Hale Bopp data (remember the issue with
> the pictures ... remember the NASA faked pictures where they photo shopped
> out the Hale Bopp companion ... the courtney brown and chuck shramek deal
> where they tried to pin on art bell the deaths of 37 people and ... yes ...
> later NASA admitted that in fact there was a companion ... i have always
> thought that weaver and his pals at NASA should have been fired and put in
> jail for this little stunt ... but here they are today ready to corrupt and
> distort information on comet holmes and feed it to the dumbed down popular
> press hoping the public will still buy their ridiculous dirty snowball comet
> model) ... sure is disgusting to see grown men and allegedly top scientists
> hiding and corrupting data to protect their stupid dirty snowball comet model
> (actually they are trying to protect a lot more than that !!!) ... return
> regularly for updates ... this is huge ... jim mccanney

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