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And yet another, along with bird flu, terrorism, a nucleur third world war and 
invasion by aliens from planet Zog. Global warming is something only a One 
World Government can save us from, so abandon the country you love and get 
ready to embrace the salvation by your new masters and owners.

Pete Charlton  
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  Another reason to have a Global Warming Government Funding Scam
  is to draw attention away from the invasion and genocide in Iraq. 

  philip madsen <pma15027@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    They are still yelling the global warming fiasco!   Perth in December had 
the hottest day in a century , since 1915 to be exact..  

    The state of Victoria is sweltering in 40 degree heat the hottest on record 
since 1908, when it reached 44 + degrees..  

    If it is global warming caused by modern man, then what in the world was 
the cause for the higher readings a century ago? The pundits do not seem to see 
their own contradiction in common sense. 

    But not even a murmer about Queenslanders this Christmas needing to wear 
jackets or coats because of the unseasonably cool weather. 
    Its now Jan 11 and I'm resisting putting the AC on to warm the house! with 
daily Max temp between 23 and 25 C. 

    Like they say, keep repeating the lies, and with a warm February possible, 
people will believe them even while they freeze to death next winter.  


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