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1.Do you or anyone know of any examples of long term photo exposures of any 
stars taken over a period of months direct link to.. for the purposes of 
demonstrating no positional deviation every 23 hours 56 min so as to be able to 
take long term exposure of photo of star(s) 

2. If there are no star trails or rotation about the secondary north celestial 
axis then any wobble in the suns motion about the earth must be local to the 
sun only and is not intrinsic to the starts thus parallax in any case can't be 
a result of earths orbit/rotation about the sun or the universe wobble about 
the earth ..only a possible wobble in the local planetary system. 

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Hi Steven,
What are the shadows that keep moving sideways whilst the wheel moves 


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> Just curios what others think of this “official” footage of the “Mars 
> Rover Opportunity” recovering from a sand-trap. The sand appears to stick 
> to the wheel, which implies moisture, and the shots from the rear wheels 
> look like mud. Fake pictures taken here on Earth.
> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Ps7Wrcv58
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